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Hillary's Libyan affair should result in a jail term not a presidential term

The American public already knows of Hillary Clinton's terrible record in Libya in her capacity as Secretary of State- leading to Libya becoming a failed state, and a haven for terrorists and causing the death of four American. But there's more to Clinton's Libya record than just a case of disastrous policy as new evidence and public records reveal that Hillary, in fact, committed an illegal act by violating the U.S. anti-terrorism law.

Such assertion of Hillary's complicity was made by veteran intelligence officer Gen. Mike Flynn in an article for the Fox News.

Gen. Flynn. mentioned that The Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons in a recent report stated that the Western intervention in Libya was based on " inaccurate intelligence" and " erroneous assumptions". It goes on to say that advocates did not recognize that" the threat to civilians was overstated and that the rebels included a significant Islamist element." The lack of contingency measures and general plan post- Qaddafi was also said to be the reason for the " growth of ISIL" in North Africa.

According to Gen. Flynn, inaccurate intelligence does not fully capture the entire and complete story. A more thorough probe of the run-up to the Libya debacle on Sept.11, 2012 would reveal the hard conclusion that as Secretary of State, Clinton knowingly armed radical Islamist terrorists in Libya.

The government tried to justify to the American public that the U.S. intervention in Libya was necessary in preventing a humanitarian crisis in the torn country. Similarly, the military intervention that created the unfortunate Benghazi debacle was also falsely projected as an essential move to stop an imminent massacre of citizens engaged in a pro-democracy uprising.

It would be recalled that Hillary glowingly referred to the 2011 Arab Spring rebellion in Eastern Libya as a spontaneous pro-democracy revolution, but records will show that the Libyan connection to radical Islamic extremist groups was already long established even before 2011. The region was already a hot recruiting ground for jihadis who murdered American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gen. Flynn points out that Hillary actually supported leaders not of the "civilian uprising" group, but more so as members of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group ( LIFG) who had committed allegiance to Al Qaeda. LIFG members were previously jailed but were later released through a de-radicalization program, after vowing never to rise up against Qaddafi again. Shortly after their release, they rebelled anew.

Another truth later came out. Apparently, there was also no imminent civilian massacre. After the fighting in Feb. 2011, only 2 of the more than 200 corpses in Tripoli's morgues were female, indicating that the Qaddafi forces targeted male fighters, and did not indiscriminately fired on civilians.


But this is where it gets interesting as far Hillary's role is concerned. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the LIFG and affiliated jihadis received at least 18 shipments of arms from Qatar with the approval of the U.S. The arms shipment was coursed through A al-Sallabi, the Qatar cleric who negotiated the rebels' release from prison.

The Islamists got the money to buy the weapons because Hillary Clinton pushed Obama to grant full diplomatic recognition to the rebels, even as State Department lawyers and the Secretary of Defense opposed the Clinton suggestion.

The Washington Post reported that Hillary's move " allowed the Libyans access to billions of dollars from Qaddafi's frozen accounts." And one of the most incriminating parts against Clinton- the rebels she supported were included in the State Department Foreign Terrorist Organization List. It is against the law to provide material support for terrorist organization under 18 U.S. code 2339A and 2339B.

The Qatar connection gains more significance in light of Qatar's donation of anywhere from $1 million to $5 million to the Clinton foundation. Leaked emails also showed that the Qatari royal family had back channel meetings with Sec. Clinton at the State Department. The Washington Post also reported that Hillary told Arab leaders that her support for Libya military campaign was " important to me personally."

The Libya case shows what Hillary is truly capable of- go ahead with poor judgment decisions even against the advice of military and intelligence officials, allow conflict of interest to mar the country's foreign policy, and worst- violate the law again.

Gen. Flynn wonders then if Hillary's rightful place should really be in the White House- or in jail.

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