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Shock Video - “I just killed her and then she died” Ohio Woman Confesses Daughter’s Murder

An Ohio woman recently sentenced to 22 years in prison for killing her own five-year-old daughter Ashley can be seen in a police interrogation video confessing the murder without the slightest shred of emotion.

Ms Ming Ming Chen, originally from China, said she killed her daughter because she had her hands full with the restaurant and her daughter had become difficult to handle after she had spent some time with her grandparents in China.

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She pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and additional charges related to the death of her daughter Ashley Zhao.

In the video, the chilling moment comes when the investigator asks: “What happened; how did she die?”

Not showing a shred of emotion, Ms Chen replies: “I just killed her and then she died.”

She continued to explain that she had told her husband to ‘take care of it’. Afterwards, she continues to say that “I need to take care of everything from the restaurant. I only have two hands. I’m not four hands girl, I’m two hands.”

The murder was conducted with full knowledge of her husband Liang Zhao, who helped conceal the crime and called in a fake missing person report. He had previously pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

At the time of her sentencing, Stark County Prosecuting Attorney John D. Ferrero stated that: "This tragic incident was committed in a fit of anger by a mother who had never bonded with her child, because she had not raised her since infancy, and who was more of a burden to her mother than a blessing."

"Ming Ming Chen is also in this country illegally and was in the process of being deported prior to this incident and I expect her to be deported to China at the completion of the 22-year prison term imposed today."

Chen is believed to have beaten her daughter to death in the family’s restaurant in January 2017.


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Anonymous No. 15178 2018-01-03 : 13:16

She deserves the death penalty. A bullet to the head is the only justice that Ashley deserves.

Anonymous No. 15206 2018-01-04 : 03:17

People die when they are killed.

Anonymous No. 15215 2018-01-04 : 05:20

Should have sent her back to China immediately

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