By: Savannah Smith | 02-28-2017 | News
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House Intel Probe On Trump-Russia Link Shows ' There's Nothing There'

Proving that the Democrats, bitter liberals and Trump haters were just quick to exploit an almost non-issue and with the willing cooperation of mainstream media biased against the sitting President just created a mountain out of a molehill, the House Intelligence Committee has decisively concluded that "there's nothing there" as far as the alleged connection between Russian officials and Trump campaign staff.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes ( R-Calif.) firmly told reporters at a press conference on Monday that there are no concrete pieces of evidence that would establish a link between Russian officials and Trump people as there were even no phone calls traced. Nunes said that the matter has been thoroughly looked into and yielded no solid proof behind the allegations. Nunes issued the statements as he updated the media on the probe.

Nunes also discussed that the House panel involved with a long-established congressional probe into Russian hacking has expanded to include an investigation whether there has been contacts between Trump and or his campaign team or current administration staff, and officials of the Russian government. But the Chair insisted that no pieces of evidence have turned up. He stressed, too, that he is just as interested as the others for any relevant information, but without proof to back up the accusations that have been hurled against the Trump administration, he can't possibly "call in American citizens without any information."

The House panel will, however, continue to investigate who leaked highly classified information about supposed calls between then incoming national security adviser Mike Flynn and the Russian ambassador which resulted in a big controversy that led to Flynn's eventual resignation.

Nunes took the opportunity to also vehemently warn of a witch hunt against Trump associates who are private citizens but were alleged by anonymous sources as having previous contacts with the Russian government during the fiercely-fought presidential campaign. Former campaign director Paul Manafort was included in those named or accused of, without substantial proof.

Nunes said the clear absence of solid pieces of evidence of those private American citizens allegedly communicating with the Russian government during a crucial period in the campaign makes it unfair for those people who have been dragged into the controversy. He said they cannot just chase down those private citizens, haul them before Congress and worst, treat them as if they are secret Russian agents without anything substantial to back up the allegations other than insinuations and rumors.


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