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University Of Wisconsin Receives $7 Million Grant To Help People Quit Smoking

A sizable grant of $7 million has been given to the University of Wisconsin-Madison giving anyone with the New Year's resolution to quit smoking a chance to do so for free.

The Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention received the grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund the study at the University. Participants will get three months of Chantix pills as well as coaching and a select few will also get nicotine patches during the course of the study.

Many already believe the damage from smoke is irreparable once it has been done, but researchers say it is amazing how quickly the body can heal itself and want to challenge previously held notions surrounding the deadly cancer sticks.

Many people use the rationalization that they have already been smoking for years and it's too late to quit now, this study may challenge that thinking and hopes to provide some evidence that way of thinking is wrong.

UW cardiologist Dr. James Stein said, "Risk of heart disease, heart attack or stroke goes down after six to 12 months after quitting smoking, we see the blood vessels relax as quickly as two weeks after quitting smoking, risk of lung disease, which there's a whole range of lung disease that smoking effects improve within two to four weeks as well."

Don't be too quick to think your beyond help, if you want to participate in the study you have a chance at $260 for completing it. Visit or call 877-END-CIGS.

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