By: Earnest Jones | 02-27-2017 | News
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Left Wing Shadow Government Cyberstalking President Trump

Democrats have adopted a daft strategy that seeks to respond to President Donald Trump’s policies in real time by whining on Twitter. Having realized how effective President Trump has been in battling the

Fake news media - by calling out fake news. The Democrats think that a real time – form of a Shadow Cabinet is the way to go on Twitter.

The left-wing shadow cabinet will constitute of former government officials and liberal activists who will use the Twitter handle @ShadowingTrump. Unfortunately, they hope to be taken seriously despite their terrible idea. They’ve started by making their first tweet as a collection of movie clips about how they’ve put together a team of people with special abilities.

The so called special abilities are bound to shock you. So who’s on that special team? Basically, it’s who’s who of the former Democratic officials, liberal scholars and even unqualified activist who will fill up fake cabinet positions as they tweet rebuttals on specific Trump policies.

A perfect example is the Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe who is the shadow attorney general, Deray McKesson, the founder of Black Lives Matter, will counter-tweet on justice issues based on a list provided by Axios.

A former Tennessee Valley Authority chairman, David Freeman who is currently serving as a consultant to environmental activists will act as the shadow secretary of energy and Environmental Protection Agency administrator.

Reports from Axios state that the former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green formed the Twitter account after six weeks of fundraising, emailing and phoning. The list of Shadow Cabinet members obtained from Axios shows that Aurence Tribe will be the Attorney General, based on his background as a Constitutional law professor at Harvard.


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