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Newborn Thrown From 17th Floor By Brokenhearted Single Mother

Falling in love (or out of it) is one of the hardest things in life that we need to overcome. Being heartbroken makes you feel you cant do anything to free you from pain. What if your boyfriend leaves you while you are bearing a baby would you be able to kill your own flesh and blood just to be free from suffering? Could you snuff a life for the sole reason that you're not yet ready to be a single mother?

A 20-year-old new mother named Netchanok Nokyungtong from Thailand who threw her newborn baby from 17th-floor window admitted the case. She claimed her reason was that her 40-year-old married boyfriend (who formerly lived in South Korea) left her and returned to his family when she told him that she was pregnant with their baby.

A shocked witness claims he saw a large object falling fast from the window of his fourth-floor unit. The object suddenly hit the ground floor, all this occurring around 5 pm. At this point, he ran as fast as he could down to check and see what the object was. It is then that it was revealed to that be a newborn baby that had just died.

According to the report, Nokyungtong went to a labor in her flat in a high rise building in Pattaya, Thailand. She gives birth to a baby boy last Tuesday afternoon. Sadly she wrapped the baby boy in a plastic bag before flinging the baby through the window of her bedroom. All this right after giving birth.

She gave birth in the bathroom where police found a blood-soaked floor. Nokyungtong said that she was not yet ready for the birth. Especially so considering her foreigner boyfriend doesn't want to stay with her. Her excuse was being broken-hearted because of her boyfriend's return to his family.

Pattaya police said Nokyungtong admitted to killing the baby and would be prosecuted after all the evidence had been gathered. They added that "this is a very brutal crime" the mother didn't even feel grief or sadness for what she did. She took her baby's own life from just thinking about the pain she feels. This despite the baby being born in healthy condition.

Depression can make you suicidal or feel like you want to kill others. Greater awareness about this kind of condition, especially during the holidays, could save lives.



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