By: Earnest Jones | 02-27-2017 | News
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Did The CIA Deploy The Heart Attack Gun? Russian Officials Dying Off at Record Rate

The Deep State employs lethal tactics to assassinate anyone on its way. It’s no secret that this is trend that has been going on for decades. A perfect example would be the six Russian diplomats who have died in the last 60 days, we are witnessing a battle between the deep state and Russia in a spy versus spy plotline.

One of ex-CIA employee by name Mary Embree pointed out that there are heart attack guns that are employed in assassination of targeted persons. The lethal weapon, as explained by Embree was first made public in the Church Committee hearings that took place back in 1975. The untraceable weapon makes assassinations to look like natural deaths. It’s obvious that the CIA has improved the weapons for efficient results.

The Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick had a relationship with the CIA since way back in May 1952, this made it possible for the CIA to access the poison dart guns and similar weapons. The heart-attack guns resemble a pistol although there are other versions that are disguised as fountain pens, umbrella or cane.

The darts are coated with various toxins that cause fatal consequences on the victim. The alleged untraceable cardiotoxin is known as the AFAIK and with the recent developments is technology, it can now be traced.

There’s a likelihood that Mary Embree was talking about Saxitoxin. High doses of Saxitoxin are known to cause pharmacokinetics, toxic effects and clearance of saxitoxin in cats. The low dose of STX also have mild effects although they have no difference in hemodynamics parameters. The high doses reduce blood pressure, produce myocardial failure and finally cause a cardiac arrest.

The lethal chemical can enter the body through open wounds. The chemical is 1,000 times more toxic than the potent gas sarin. This is based on the fact that Saxitoxin is a potent neurotoxin that selectively and specifically binds the sodium channels in neural cells. It therefore colludes the opening of the Na+ channel and prevents any sodium cations from going in or out of the cell. This ends up impairing a variety of body functions that include breathing.

The CIA purchase from the Army at Fort Detrick, Maryland a poison-dart weapon system that consisted of small flechette-type projectiles, self-propelled by solid-state rocket fuel, and launched by a series of devices that included umbrellas. One of the lethal poison used was quick-acting since it had to be paralyzing by taking effect in less than two seconds, this was intended for use against dogs guarding a secured enemy area. The paralysis had to be fast enough to prevent the dog from barking.

This weapons have been used to assassinate many people who have challenged the deep state. The former acting director of the U.S. CIA, Michale Morell openly conspired to covertly kill Russians and Iranians in Syria back in August 2016, if one dares to add to this puzzle, you end up with a strange piece that explains the recent developments that have occurred with Russian officials.


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