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Owner Who Ruled Her Gun Range “Muslim Free Zone” to Run as Arkansas Gov

Look who’s announced she will be running for Arkansas governor? No less than the gun range owner who received huge national attention for describing her establishment as a “Muslim Free Zone.”

The owner of Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, Jan Morgan, made the announcement of her political plans in a video posted to YouTube on December 30 last year.

Morgan will challenge incumbent Asa Hutchinson in the Republican primary. Hutchinson was elected in 2014.

Morgan said in her campaign ad that it would be “ a New year and the dawn of a new day for Arkansas.” She said she is “excited” about the beautiful potential of the state and the people. She also added that she is confident the voters in Arkansas are more educated than what skeptics give them credit for. Morgan said she knows this because she has been extensively traveling the past six months, talking and listening to the residents from county to county. She even said she has spoken to “record-breaking crowds.”

Morgan said she wants to help fulfill the dream of residents to make Arkansas the best state to live in and succeed, but first, they have to recognize the failures of the state and the leaders.

Morgan gained national prominence- or notoriety for her critics- when she announced on her social media accounts and website in 2014 that her gun range was a “Muslim Free Zone”, defending that such policy is for her own safety.

She wrote then on her site: “I refuse to train the next islamic (sic), terrorist. She also said that she received countless expressions of support for her controversial stance.

Many religious and civil liberties advocates argued that Morgan was denying rights protected under the civil rights Act with her ban on Muslims.

Morgan describes herself as “genetically conservative”’ and also promotes gun rights as her signature issue. She also said that she rides her own Harley.

She also announced on Monday that she will hold a meet-and-greet event later this month at the Perry County Fairgrounds. When a Facebook user asked her if Muslims would be invited to her event, Morgan answered that it is a public event, and not a private business and that she has to adhere to federal law. She concluded that all citizens are then free to attend her event.


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Carol No. 15126 2018-01-03 : 00:49

I'd vote for her

Cleat Franklin No. 15128 2018-01-03 : 00:56

Isn't she the "lady" that was trying to open a topless gun range?

Anonymous No. 15139 2018-01-03 : 04:09

Anti Muslim Woman, Badass

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