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How Hillary Clinton may be blackmailed and compromise the US vs Russia

If I had the 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton had the Platte River Networks redditard deleted the other day before the FBI raided her garage and took her email server.

There is no way that I would release those emails before she was elected President of the United States. 33,000 pieces of blackmail against the arguably the most important person on earth. That is equivalent to 33,000 pieces of GOLD!

Can you imagine the government contracts, the cash payments from Hillary personally, and all of the VIP treatment you could receive with the inside record of the Benghazi fiasco? How about the Clinton Foundation Pay for Play debacle? The FBI actually deleted that when they gave immunity to the aides of Clinton and agreed to destroy the laptops that the deletion took place on.

It’s likely that the government of Russia has these 33,000 emails, and everything that was released, but redacted. So if a private individual that was smart enough to get that data, didn’t turn it over to the Russians. That person will certainly be using it for financial gain when we get to the year 2017 and President Hillary Clinton is in the position where she’s vulnerable to blackmail.

Or worse, the Russian government could blackmail Hillary Clinton, and we could end up losing our ability to defend America from the Russian threat. It could be why Clinton is campaigning so hard to start a war with Russia. That would make any release of her 33,000 deleted emails seem like propaganda, and not that important anymore, when our young people are in a shooting war with the only other country on earth that could go toe to toe with the United States of America.

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