By: Savannah Smith | 01-02-2018 | News
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Toddler Killed By Man Jumping to His Death

A man wanted to die but double tragedy struck as an innocent child who only happened to be “at the wrong place, at the wrong time” was killed by the adult’s decision. Now, one pair of parents will start the new year with their child no longer in their lives.

The 21-month old boy was unintentionally killed by a man who landed on the poor baby after jumping to his death from the eighth floor of an apartment block in Zaporizhia, in Ukraine.

The child was just at the entrance of the building at that time with his father when the man suddenly jumped and hit the child.

Paramedics were quickly called to help save the child’s life but unfortunately, the impact of the man’s body landing on the boy was too much for the child’s fragile body. The baby died just minutes after paramedics tried their best to keep him alive.

The 39-year old man who jumped from the building also died.

What’s more heartbreaking was that the child’s mother, Anna Polishchuk, was just saying goodbye to her parents at a family New Year celebration. She came out and discovered what happened a few minutes after her son was hit. She only saw the paramedics trying to desperately survive her “crumpled” child.

A neighbor narrated the heart-breaking scene when the mother saw and realized what happened to her precious child on new year’s day. Sergey Borisov said: “I heard a loud thump. Then the boy’s mother rushed out. She ran to the ambulance where paramedics were seeking to save the child and understood everything instantly. I had to shut my windows because there was so much agonizing pain in her screams. I just couldn’t bear hearing them.”

Paramedics tried to reanimate the child’s heart and lungs but to no avail. He died inside the ambulance, as there were collective, desperate prayer from the neighbors who witnessed the tragedy.

Authorities so far only shared that the man is called Yevgeny, a neighbor of the child’s family, living just a floor below them. He was a construction worker. Neighbors in the apartment complex said Yevgeny knew the family including the child he had killed in the process of taking away his life.

The victim’s mother, Anna, is a teacher at a school for orphans. The message of sympathies and support are flooding the bereaved mother’s social media accounts.


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Anonymous No. 15104 2018-01-02 : 15:13

does it count as a murder suicide?

Anonymous No. 15141 2018-01-03 : 04:13

Stupid fuckin' man, if he wanted to die, why involve an innocent kid? Didnt even check if ground is clear. Stupid! Poor parents of yhe kid who looks so adorable

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