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A devastating moment where things went horribly wrong in a split second left a woman in China without her right leg from her knee down.

CCTV footage captured the stomach-churning moment when a woman who is looking at her phone walks into an elevator not realizing it is already lifting.

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The sudden rise in elevation and lack of awareness causes the woman to trip and fall into the elevator as it begins to rise. Apparently unaware of what is happening, the poor woman lies there in shock not realizing her leg is hanging out of a moving elevator.

The elevator soon reaches the next floor and her leg is pinned in what became the perfect guillotine. The woman can be seen writhing in pain as the next floor approaches, this time her leg is severed completely off.

The elevator then stops moving leaving the victim in shock with only a bloody stump remaining of her right leg. Throughout the terrible accident, the victim is still holding their cell phone.

The victim has not been identified and her condition is currently unknown but reports suggest she survived the horrific ordeal.

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Anonymous No. 15095 1514897939

Looks like she's waiting to get the other leg cut off as well

Anonymous No. 15096 1514898123

Always be aware of your surroundings, notice how the other person didn't get on the elevator because they caught the clue. GET YOUR FACES OUTTA YOUR DAMN PHONES SHEEPLE!

Anonymous No. 15113 1514925269

What, no safety sensors?

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