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Colorado Shooter Live Streamed Fatal Shootout With Police

New details have emerged surrounding the shooting of four Colorado deputies Sunday that left one officer dead. Authorities say Mathew Riehl shot and killed deputy Zackari Parrish before being killed by SWAT and he live-streamed the whole thing on Periscope.

In the Periscope video, Riehl can be seen opening the door when officers arrived after calling 911 himself to report a verbal dispute he was having with his "domestic partner". Riehl had previously posted videos ranting about local sheriffs and talked about how he wanted to get his local sheriff fired. He becomes frustrated with police and appears to slam his apartment door closed.

From there, Riehl can be heard telling officers "leave me alone" and then he opens fire. Riehl fired around 100 shots at deputies but it is unclear which direction he is shooting since the video is too dark. Seconds after the first shots, gun smoke triggers the fire alarm.

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Killers have been recording video of their crimes in an increasing trend as streaming software and cameras become more accessible. The shooting claimed the life of 29-year-old father of two, Zackari Parrish, and a memorial was held for him on Monday.

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Parrish's wife stood before a crowd gathered at Mission Hills Church in Littleton, Colorado. "I will raise my girls to love you," Gracie Parish said. She went on to say how much she appreciated the stories about him told by colleagues. "I want to hear about him, and I want to soak it in."

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At one point during the gathering, the fallen deputies daughter leaned over and whispered in her mother's ear, "it’s OK momma." A GoFundMe has raised over $220,000 as of Tuesday morning for the family.

It is unclear what Riehl's motives were but authorities are describing the shooting as an ambush targeting law enforcement. Riehl was an army veteran who served in Iraq.

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Anonymous No. 15092 2018-01-02 : 12:50

Terrible tragedy, it seems he lured the officers into a fatal funnel where he went from nice and friendly to get the fuck outta here and opening fire in a split second. Either he was highly mentally unstable (which is probably the case regardless) or he deliberately ambushed these officers. It seems he also waited for more to arrive before opening fire lending credibility to the latter.

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