By: Victoria Fantoche | 02-27-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Japan Executed A Bunch Of Race-Mixing Monkeys

Finally, someone is doing the right thing! In the days where political correctness dominates the world, the Japanese is pulling a surprising move. The sunrise nation is killing a bunch of race-mixing monkey in order to prevent further race mixing, which scientists agree will only create chaos. Afterall, we don't need a real life rising of the planet of the ape, do we?

Also, who to say that this sort of mix and match will not create new diseases that human has no idea how to cure. Ebola and Aids alone are given us enough headaches, we surely don't need to help create another weird pandemic that will only cost more money and resource for a cure.

I think the Japanese are doing the right thing to protect the future of humanity. For once, they are doing things that truly protect humanity rather than being slaves to the environment activists and letting decide what is best for everyone on the planet.

The Japanese government is never shy away from making controversial but ultimately right decisions. They have been fighting with the environmentalists for years to protect their right to hunt whales. What do the government do? They tell those easily hurt green people to take their giant green heart elsewhere. And I must say, this is one effective way of governing.

I believe the rest of the world can take a page off the Japanese on this move. Be strong and do the right things. There will always be people who try to shut you down. Let's be honest, anything the government does is controversial these days. It doesn't mean the government should shy away from doing the right things and put the people it serves on the top priority. Killing a few monkeys will hurt the activists' overly protected heart for a few days but they will move on (as they always do), but the benefits we harvest from it could be tremendous. Our children and their children will thank us for preventing a potential global disaster. Here's hope all the government around the globe would learn from this and do the right things.

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Anonymous No. 1511 2017-02-27 : 19:16

nice opinions

Anonymous No. 1516 2017-02-27 : 23:32


Anonymous No. 1518 2017-02-28 : 05:10

Good! Kill the race mixing bastards

ComfyChat No. 1524 2017-02-28 : 14:34

wow. Didn't know the goldwater was okay with killing off race mixers.

NO. I didn't read the entire article.

Yes, I understand the context is "Just" monkeys.

But christ.

I hear about this site a lot. primarily from 8ch. Not sure if this is stormfront or not.

Anonymous No. 1527 2017-03-01 : 02:56

>being this butthurt over a Goldwater article

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