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Chinese Bot Net Contract Canceled By Panicking New York Times

The New York Times? nothing is new there, same old story, same old game! What's new today, you might ask? Well, let me tell you! In a panic, the New York Times has pulled the plug on the Chinese Bot Net contract, leaving things sinking fast. If there was one correct move that anyone expected the New York Times to be able to pull off, it was this , but nope! Not a fat chance! Now, they are left like sitting ducks in the middle of the harbor, waiting patiently, yet anxiously!

But, does this come as a surprise to you, or anyone for that matter? No? I didn't think so. Same old story, same old song and dance. What this country needs, is a lack of establishments, and media outlets that operate in this fashion. Gun shy, yet trigger happy at the same time! These are the issues facing us today, and we NEED to STOP them NOW! Things are spiraling out of control faster than the New York Times can put out an article slandering Trump and that is a problem. But, where exactly to we begin?

Well, Trump in office is a great first step, Big league if I may say so myself. Things cannot stop there, that is just the beginning, our momentum, our push over the edge.Now, we must continue forward, gaining momentum, allowing gravity to work in our favor, and persevere! America will be great again, we just have to make it so! That being said, let's focus on the New York Times and this Bot Net. This could have been the one thing that helped them in a positive direction, albeit, still off course slightly. But no, they couldn't even handle something as simple as a contract negotiation. Yet, they are the ones criticizing Trump for his supposed lack of candor and ability to interact with other cultures leaders. If this is so true, why are the folks at the New York Times the ones that are coming under fire right now, while Trump is sailing along smoothly? That's the key right there. Trump has the confidence, the New York Times lacks it. End of story. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

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Anyone No. 1507 2017-02-27 : 15:12

This article couldve been interesting. In stead it was rambling nonesense. Rewrite this bullshit article. Preferably by someone for whom english is a first language.

DrBEEFsmack No. 1512 2017-02-27 : 21:40

>This article couldve been interesting. In stead it was rambling nonsense

This shit show of a try hard shill website should feel bad, their stories are bad and their writing is worse.

I would just give up and turn it into a gay porn site.

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