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Photo credit: Utah County Sheriff's Office

Manhunt for Utah's Most Wanted Criminal, an Asian Child Pornography Distributor

Law enforcement in the state of Utah has announced a most wanted criminals list, and at the very top, is a vicious pedophile who investigators say ran a child pornography operation from his home.

According to authorities at the Utah County Sheriff's Office, they were first tipped off by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that 39-year-old Lam Nguyen was sharing child pornography from a Provo internet protocol address back in 2016.

This led the Cyber Crimes and Internet Exploitation Unit of the Sheriff's Department, in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to begin monitoring the activities of the residence in which Nguyen was sharing the sexually explicit materials of prepubescent children.

Inevitably, law enforcement agencies acquired a search warrant and raided Nguyen’s residence; at which time they seized multiple computers and electronic devices.

On those devices, the Federal Bureau of Investigation found multiple file-sharing software programs that had been used to both transmit out child pornography for distribution to multiple pedophiles across the globe; and also to store hundreds of thousands of videos, images, and audio clips that depicted underage children being raped by adults.

Nguyen was then charged with multiple counts felony sexual exploitation of a minor and was released on bond.

He entered a plea of not guilty, and his case was set for trial. As reported by the<a href=""> Daily Herald</a>.

On the date of Nguyen’s hearing, however, he failed to appear in front of a court.

Several transmissions from Nguyen’s social media of profiles were tracked before he ultimately closed the accounts and stopped using them, and now authorities have placed him onto the top of Utah's Most Wanted list.

Police say that Lam Nguyen is clearly Asian, and stands about 5 feet, 8 inches tall; and is believed that he weighs around 140 pounds. He also has brown, and black hair. He also has a birthmark on his left abdomen.

If anyone has seen Lam Nguyen or has any information as to his whereabouts they're urged to contact the Utah County Sheriff's Office at (801) 851-4000 where they can choose to remain anonymous and leave a tip.

Helping to locate this pedophile could save the innocence of a young child, please spread this article to anyone in surrounding states or into forums or communities that assist in locating missing children or criminals.

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