By: Lawrence Snyder | 02-27-2017 | News
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Sweden’s No-Go Zones Prove that Trump is Right

Last week, Donald Trump was criticized after he blasted Sweden due to its current immigration problem caused by the country’s problematic open-border policy. However, by taking a close look at Sweden, one would easily agree that Trump’s statements were on solid reasoning.

For years now, way before Trump decided to run for president, Sweden has no-go zones scattered across different parts of the country. These were established by the government to protect tourists and residents from being affected by the country’s rising crime rate.

Most of these zones are areas heavily inhabited by immigrants from conflict-ridden countries such as Somalia and Iran. Many of the immigrants living here are members of gangs or have criminal backgrounds. In fact, going through these regions has become so dangerous that the local law enforcement has suspended nighttime patrols for the safety of the officers.

In late last year, documentary film-maker Ami Horowitz visited one of these no-go zones to investigate why Sweden has been known as the rape capital of Europe. As he was filming “Stockholm Syndrome,” he was attacked by a group of men speaking Arabic.

The current situation of Sweden is a glaring evidence of why the country was included in Trump’s statement regarding the immigration crisis. Due to the number of refugees the country has been accepting over the past couple of years, crime has become rampant.

Just a few days ago, following Trump’s speech, a full riot erupted in Rinkeby, an area largely inhabited by immigrants. The incident started after various individuals started throwing rocks at police officers. It then escalated when the rioters started burning parked cars in the area.

This is exactly the kind of situation that Trump wants to prevent. For him, Sweden has already proven how big of a problem the immigration crisis can be if the arrival of refugees is left unchecked.

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KILLCEN No. 1509 2017-02-27 : 16:59

Here is a whole lot of archived documentation about what has been going on between Syria in the Middle East during Obama's reign of Islamic terrorist funding, and also the EU's deliberate destabilization of Europe (who have been allowing these same terrorists to infiltrate European nations to undermine national sovereignty and subjugate their vassal states):

Note that the EU is the "Modern Soviet Union" run by communist bureaucrats today and it all starts to make sense.

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