By: Savannah Smith | 12-31-2017 | News
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Freezing Temps Turns Niagara Falls into a Winter Wonderland

It has gotten so cold in North America now that some parts of the famous Niagara Falls have become frozen and appearing like no less than a winter wonderland. The cold is now breaking records.

On New Year’s Eve day, temperatures in Toronto, as well as most of southern Ontario, will see a high of about -16C with an eye-watering windchill of -34. The previous lowest temperature recorded was in 1962 when the temperature dropped to -26.1 degree Celsius.

The U.S. is also gripped by an arctic blast of air that’s been keeping temperatures these days below freezing resulting to record-breaking cold, too, in some parts.

Niagara Falls is the collective name for a series of three waterfalls between the state of NY and the Canadian province of Ontario.

The freezing cold weather has been caused by an arctic blast of air stretching from the Midwest to the Northeast, with temperatures also freezing as far south as Charleston, South Carolina.

The punishing cold in these neighboring countries is being anticipated to affect New Year’s traditional festive celebrations across the two countries. Authorities have already issued warnings to those planning to catch the much-awaited ball drop at midnight in iconic Times Square, New York that today could be among the coldest on record. Skating and pyrotechnics would proceed as planned on Parliament Hill.

Those still wishing to go out and boldly welcome 2018 outdoors are highly-advised to bundle up. They also need to be extra careful while driving as the bitter temperatures have even led many road accidents. Even several animals are not spared from the punishing cold including sharks freezing to death. Three others froze to death earlier near Lake Erie when their vehicle slid off the road.

The National Service has also warned of possible hypothermia and frostbite across North America and people are encouraged to adjust and protect themselves to survive this record-breaking cold.


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