By: Savannah Smith | 12-30-2017 | News
Photo credit: Phoenix Police

Christmas Phoenix Murderer’s Secret Daughters Emerge to Help Get Justice

The man accused of horrifically killing his ex-wife and children on Christmas Day had a secret, and it’s just coming out now. He has two daughters who have found the courage to reveal now that he was abusive before abandoning them in Missouri.

The daughters Ebony Shuniece Ross and Shalonda Ross say their father, Anthony Milan, kept them a “dark, dirty secret.”

Shalonda still had nightmares of the days she was abused and forced to stay home because she didn’t want anyone in school to see her bruises. Ebony recalled how their father used to withhold food from them. He would even impose limited bathroom breaks and time outside their room.

Ebony even shared one horrible torture tactic of their father. She said he would “blow the smell of the chili cheese sauce in our face, we would only get butter and sugar rice for that entire year.”

Their father abandoned their family- four daughters and wife in Missouri back in 2005. Court documents reveal that their mother, Nicol Ross, filed for divorce in Saint Louis after five years of being abandoned and after failing in all her efforts to find him.

Anthony Milan Ross went on to marry Iris Sutherland in 2009, the woman he would eventually kill on Christmas day. A friend of Sutherland admitted that Sutherland later in her marriage with Milan discovered his past and how he abandoned his first family.

Iris eventually divorced Ross in September with joint custody of their children.

Ebony and Shalonda Ross were devastated when they learned that the father who abused and abandoned them was accused of murdering Iris, their 11-year-old son, Nigel, and 9-month-old daughter, Anora, on Christmas Day. Shalonda said her heart was broken for what was done to Iris and her children. It reminded her anew of the “punching, choking, slapping” she and her sister suffered at the hands of their cruel father.

The sisters said they only managed to move on from the pain and trauma of their past through counseling and therapy.

The Ross sisters say they are both willing to take the stand and share their truths and painful past if their father went on trial to help give justice to the horrible deaths of Iris and her young children.


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anna No. 14940 2017-12-30 : 17:38

i know about abuse. i, too, suffered greatly. when i read this story, it reminded me of the abuse i incurred. this father in this story, needs help. he needs to stay in jail, for a very long time. and he needs to be forgiven. that is the only way, he can finally be free, in his heart and his conscious. what he did, was unbelievable–he caused grief, to say the least, but he needs help. i hope he gets the help, he needs.

Anonymous No. 14941 2017-12-30 : 18:08

Sorry about your abuse anna, but this guy crossed a line beyond abuse to murder. He is a POS that shouldn't even get the abuse that will come from his incarceration at the hands of (for lack of a better term) better inmates. From what I know there are a few things you never want to be locked up for.

1 crimes against a child

2 crimes against your mother (lotsa cons are mommas boys)

I'd say his crimes count for both. Have fun Anthony Ross paybacks are a bitch.

Anonymous No. 14946 2017-12-30 : 20:14

Justice should be served. He killed his own family including young kids.

Anonymous No. 14957 2017-12-31 : 02:58

This guy shot a baby to death and his own 11-year-old son AND his ex-wife who he chased down in the street and gunned her down while she tried to distract him from her children. When bystanders asked if she was OK (since he just shot a woman in the apartment complex parking lot) he replies "no" and points the gun at bystanders to prevent them from helping his dying ex-wife. This guy needs a quick drop and a sudden stop.

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