By: Steve Dellar | 12-30-2017 | News
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Berlin Forced To Set Up ‘Female Safe Zone’ To Celebrate New Year

The German capital Berlin will host its annual ‘Party mile’ around the Brandenburg gate on Sunday night, where hundreds of thousands of revellers come to dance the night away till the early hours of the morning. The event comes packed with fireworks, live bands (such as Rednex and Whigfield) and multiple DJs, and thanks to what has happened in the past two years during New Year events in Germany, a ‘safety zone’ for women who feel threatened by the presence of men.

A police statement read: “The organisers have set up a safety zone for women who have been victims of a sexual offence or are feeling harassed.”

The installation of such a zone is a direct result of events that took place in Cologne and other German cities during past new year celebrations. At that time, hundreds of women reported sexual attacks and robberies by men outside the main train station at Cologne’s public New Year’s Eve gathering in 2016, where law enforcement was heavily outnumbered by dense crowds.

Groping suspects were largely of North African and Arab background, though German police didn’t report this at first (apparently under instruction of the government). The incidents came immediately after Germany had accepted a record influx of more than one million migrants in 2015 (which were mostly people fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East and elsewhere, aka economic migrants). It proved to be a turning point for German politics as it coincided with the rise of the nationalist Afd party which was crowned the major winner of the last elections.

Ms Anja Marx, a spokesperson for the Berlin New Year organizers, said: "There will be three to four German Red Cross helpers who are specially trained and can look after women who feel harassed or threatened."


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Anonymous No. 14931 2017-12-30 : 15:36

And thanks to who is this? Oh wait, you can't say that…

us88 No. 14937 2017-12-30 : 17:09

OH shure you can say

its almost 2018

free speech is almost back

its thanks to Angela Merkel

and she did it on order of G. Soros

and he got maybe an order from "P"

Qanons are digging on that

us88 No. 14938 2017-12-30 : 17:16

just to add this

recent days weeks and months there was all over germany stabbing "events"

but officials special green leftist's deny and play it actively down

its the same NWO green leftist agenda all over the place to enslave people by daily terror

they don't lock those criminals away in germany

police is friendly and nice

take their (maybe fake) names identities

and send them to their registered "home"

months later or maybe never

courts start working on these subjects

in Berlin it takes 10 thefts street robbery to let justice start acting

if less then 10 - they let them run and terrorize the streets

another aspect is that a "bed" in jail cost too much

so its cheaper to let these criminals run around and commit crimes

thats no joke - its the bitter truth

and the result of 12 years A. Merkel who grew up in DDR and studied in SU

shes deeply socialist indoctrinated

and running for the NWO agenda!

Anonymous No. 14977 2017-12-31 : 10:31

Because there is such a thing as Bull Lesbians, the only true safe zone, has room for 1. ☺

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