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Where's George?

Where is George Soros?

High profile billionaire and investor George Soros has been visibly quiet and unassuming the past weeks, so uncharacteristically unassuming that nothing has been heard from him for more than a month now. His rare absence is triggering rumors and speculation including supposed death and health scares, nothing of which has been confirmed by him or his official representatives. Whether concerned or just plain curious, if not puzzled, many people are now collectively asking- where is George Soros?

The site reported on Christmas day that the Hungarian-American business magnate and hedge fund billionaire suffered a massive heart attack in Hungary on Christmas Eve. According to the report, Soros, shortly after the heart attack, underwent triple coronary artery bypass surgery.

Another site, Snopes, described the report on Soros as “false” and even labeled the site as “fake news site that peddles in sensationalized and fabricated clickbait stories.”

Snopes said that there are no news outlets, whether in the U.S. or in Hungary, that reported of Soros suffering a heart attack. Such is true.

However, it is curious that the founder of Open Society Foundations who prides himself as a philanthropist is also “missing” on social media. His presence online has not been felt for more than a month now.

Soros maintains an active Twitter account @georgesoros where he has over 152,000 followers. He used to post frequent tweets, too, normally 4-5 times a week. There are times he tweets on a daily basis. However, his last tweet was posted on November 27 where he said that “the EU cannot coerce member states to accept refugees they do not want, or refugees to go where they are not wanted.”

He has not tweeted since then and his social media presence has been missing for close to 5 weeks now.

There are also no news or any announcement on him or his latest activities from the social media accounts of his foundation. His foundation’s website, is indicated in his Twitter profile but The Goldwater visited the site but yielded no fresh news about Soros either.

There is no news about recent developments in his life on his website either.

Just some of the big news involving the 80-year-old Soros happened more than two months ago when it was reported in mainstream U.S. media that he transferred $18 billion, supposedly the majority of his estimated fortune, to his Open Society Foundations. With that “donation”, the foundation now ranks as the second largest philanthropic grant-making group in the U.S.

Two weeks ago this month, it was also reported in mainstream media that the Pakistan government ordered at least 10 foreign-funded aid groups to close including a charity Soros’ OSF.

Early December, Soros also publicly clashed with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Soros came out then with a video where he blasted Orban and said that Hungary under Orban was more oppressive than it was during the Cold War Soviet occupation.

Orban shot back and said in media interviews then that he “would use all means necessary, including secret services”, to combat what he called efforts to undermine him by Soros.

Now, the silence is deafening and the screaming question is: Where is George Soros?


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Pamela Stein No. 14887 2017-12-30 : 03:05

I refuse to wish death 💀 on any human ( not convinced Soros qualifies but on the off chance that he does - I'll play it safe) but the world 🌏 will be a much brighter place without him in it.

Anonymous No. 14985 2017-12-31 : 13:48


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