By: Steve Dellar | 12-29-2017 | News
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Huma Abedin Family Convicted Of Fraud

The first cousin of Hillary Clinton’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, was convicted in a Manhattan court for fraud and faces a lengthy jail sentence.

Huma’s first cousin, Mr. Omar Amanat, apparently milked millions out of investors by inflating the reported revenue for a technology firm named Kit Digital.

However, jurors were not allowed to hear evidence where Mr. Amanat dropped Huma Abedin’s name to potential investors to get them to sign up even sooner.

When asked about the connection, Mr. Amanat stated in court: “She’s me… uh … my mom’s sister’s daughter.”

“She’s my first cousin, my closest.”

Mr. Amanat’s lawyers argued that any connection to Ms. Abedin was irrelevant in the case: “Both supporters and those politically opposed to then-Secretary of State Clinton could have reasons to be prejudiced against Mr. Amanat based on his indirect connection to her.”

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The acting US attorney, Mr Joon Kim, had enough to get a conviction from the jury though, as tampered evidence pleaded against Mr. Amanat: “The evidence of their criminal schemes was so overwhelming that Amanat actually tried to fool the jury by introducing fake emails into the record as exculpatory ‘evidence’ in this trial.”

“Unfortunately for Tuzman and Amanat, the jury saw through their tangled web of lies, convicting them on all counts.”

Because of these attempts to fabricate evidence in the case, Judge Paul Gardephe ordered Amanat immediately jailed after the verdict.

The dark operations maestro of Hillary Clinton can’t seem to close 2017 fast enough apparently. With her ex-husband behind bars for pedophilia, her cousin jailed for fraud and her boss taken out of any future plans for the Democratic party, here’s one person who is counting down to 2018 faster than all of us.


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Anonymous No. 14871 2017-12-29 : 14:41

Well put James Woods !

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