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Ask a Question on Extraterrestrial Life On Reddit? Get Permabanned

The Collective-Evolution’s Reddit account has been suspended by Reddit after asking a question during the seven-planet discovery AMA. The account asked when is NASA going to reveal what is known about the ET life? The simple question asked by Collective evolution was backed up by a factual testimony by Paul Hellyer who is a former Canadian Defense Minister who pointed out that there are at least four known ET races.

Instead of getting a response back from NASA after posing the question which gave them a chance to see what the public is thinking about the subject, they received a nice red Reddit ban hammer accompanied with a permanent account deletion. As if that was not enough, a backlash from the Reddit community calling out the question as silly adding that NASA was there to answer questions only and not conspiracy theories.

The Collective-Evolution should have taken the controversy a notch higher by posing a more brazen question on when NASA was going to reveal what is known about ET life? With the realization that they have a programming director Wayne Hale on tape saying that they have been chasing objects for many years in the sky but rarely have been able to pinpoint their origin and have determined that these crafts don’t pose any hazard.

Additionally, NASA ought to realize that the world knows that there are multiple NASA whistleblowers and military personnel as well as world leaders who are known to believe that we are not alone, thanks to WikiLeaks.

It’s worth noting that if Extraterrestrial life and UFO’s don’t exist what are the leaked NORAD documents barring pilots from speaking about the experiences and what are the Apollo mission tapes that discussing a bogey at 10 o clock high an Unidentified flying object and what did the astronaut mean when they said that ‘’it seems to be flying along with us?’’ this are great indicators that NASA is hiding a great deal of truth.

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Real news!

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