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Dr. Adib Al-Zoghbi, Professor of Immunology and Immunotherapy at the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, at the Egyptian Stem Cell Society Conference, concluded that more stem cell operation was performed for couples who were deprived of reproduction and after treatment with cells Stem managed to reproduce

He stressed in a statement to the "seventh day" that the use of pure stem cells extracted from the bone marrow itself is used.

These cells were used in the treatment of male infertility by pulling the bone marrow and then purifying the stem cells specialized in the manufacture of sperm mothers Which are selected according to scientific specifications in a certain way, which are currently registered as a patent, and then implanted in the testicle of the patient by means of micro-injections, and without surgery on the same day to be transferred after transplantation to sperm mothers, and production of sperm, all within the testis Natural and without a External interference.

He added that more than 140 cases have been cultivated from around the world with permanent infertility and lack of sperm inside the testicle, which achieved tangible results. More than 35 children from 140 cases were born, all of them in good health. This work is carried out under the research and development, which is not available as a treatment approved so far, explaining that some centers in European countries to cultivate embryonic cells taken after the abortion, and cultivation in the testicle of a sterile man, which is considered to be out of the origin of men, And it is not permissible because there is a mixing of genealogies, according to the fatwas issued by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Islamic jurisprudence is also forbidden by the Vatican and other religious authorities from different countries of the world.

Dr. Adeeb Al-Zoghbi stressed the importance of giving young people a greater role in the field of scientific progress and stem cell research so that a new generation of Arab and Egyptian scientists and researchers can be established to succeed in research in this field.

He added that the future of medicine lies in the use of the patient's own cells to treat the patient, which is now known as PRECISION MEDICINE, which is now applied in the United States and Europe in the treatment of incurable diseases such as cancer and others.

He explained that the use of self-stem cells comes within this framework, where these cells were used in the treatment of diseases that can not be treated with traditional medicine. A team of scientists and researchers, in cooperation with prominent medical and academic institutions in Jordan, Egypt and other countries, such as diabetes and infertility of men and women, but are still under research and development and have not yet reached a certified treatment anywhere in the world.

He explained that self-stem cells are the safest source among all other cell types. They are not rejected by the body, are not manipulated and do not pose any danger to the body, neither in the near term nor in the long run.

He said there are several sources of self-stem cells such as bone marrow, blood, fat, menstrual blood, placenta and umbilical cord, all of which have been studied at several prestigious international centers and found to serve as sources for therapeutic stem cells.

He pointed out that although stem cell therapy was not approved and conducted through research and experiments, it was able to achieve success in the treatment of infertility by only 40 to 50%, through research conducted, as confirmed by stem cell doctors.

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