By: Savannah Smith | 02-25-2017 | News
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The Biggest Rally Ever! Trump Calls For Supporters Rally

One of the earliest, strongest signs then that candidate Donald Trump has a huge chance of winning the U.S. presidential election is the mammoth size of crowds he consistently draws for his rallies. Trump also showed his strategic and determined nature with his unstoppable enthusiasm and high energy in going to as many rallies as he could compare to Hillary Clinton who wrestled with health and stamina issues then. Even if the mainstream media were not honest enough to accurately report the great size and palpable energy of the crowds Trump could command then, the Republican simply kept going tirelessly rallies after rallies.

Trump's tenacity paid off with his amazing upset victory. Now that he is already calling the shots in the White House and delivering on his campaign promises, the President wishes to capitalize once more on one of his biggest strengths: his ability to attract and build huge crowds. The President on Saturday suggested to his supporters the idea of gathering them all together for a rally "that would be the biggest of them all".

The President tweeted: " Maybe the millions who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!".

All throughout his campaign, the mainstream media always underreport or gloss over the size of crowds Trump draws to his rallies which often dwarfs the small portion of the attendees to Hillary's campaign sorties and events. It is with that media track record of undermining the size of his rallies in mind that President Trump questioned the media's report on the size of his inauguration crowd. The media on the other end magnified and even exaggerated the size of other rallies, especially those perceived to be anti-Trump, or those with issues to bring up to Trump like the Women's March. There were also the series of demonstrations from the angry liberals who cannot move on from Hillary's humiliating loss and used the issue of the administration's temporary travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries to protest against Trump and his hard-won presidency.

Perhaps Trump's tweet and hint of call to action to all his millions of supporters would galvanize the Americans to show once again their faith and confidence in Trump, now as President doing his best to serve the public, despite all the noise and hatred from the left and Democrats, and all the demonizing from the mainstream media. His critics might also need reminding that Trump is one of the best campaigners there is.


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Anonymous No. 1498 2017-02-27 : 00:50

Go Trump, show 'em all! #MAGA!

Christian Garfield No. 1523 2017-02-28 : 11:10

This article has many grammatical and syntax errors. Perhaps a little editing before publishing would make things clearer.

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