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High School Girl Wins Wrestling Tournament, Against Boys

A high school wrestler is showing her all-boys team that she is just as good as the rest of them. Now she's out to show she is even better.

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Ally Fitzgerald was the first female to ever win a boys tournament in the city of Long Island's history. "A lot of people don’t like losing to a girl, so they try to use tactics like, ‘oh this is gonna be easy, oh she’s not good, and making fun of me and pointing, laughing," she said.

Fitzgerald has an unusual talent for focusing on the task at hand and going %110 for it. She is a freshman at Lynbrook High School and her even her coach says she is doing something right.

"Now getting older, some of the boys are getting stronger, so I have to focus on my technique and beat them with my technique," Fitzgerald said.

Her coach Richie Renz said, "the First girl I’ve coached int he 30 years I’ve been coaching varsity wrestling. Her skills are above average and when you see her wrestle you can tell she’s technically sound."

Her go-to signature move is a hip toss she learned from watching her little brother and thinking to herself that she could do it too. "I was watching him and I thought it was easy and I could do it," she explained.

She didn't get the tricky manipulation of body weight at first but after years of perfecting it she quite good at it. "I was so used to winning, then it started getting hard and my parents told me don’t give up, and I powered through."

Her mother keeps her motivated and believing in herself, "I tell her you’re not a girl wrestler. You are a wrestler, and the boys that walk out there, I see them thinking, ‘oh it’s a girl,’ and when she goes out there, and she’s got her hand raised, it’s like the greatest feeling ever."

In a couple months, she will try out for a national team and hopes to continue the sport into college, and one day the Olympics. Recent pushes for all-girls wrestling league in Nassau County and surrounding areas have failed so far.

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Anonymous No. 14826 2017-12-29 : 01:56

now that's hot! hehe

Yoshi No. 14827 2017-12-29 : 03:13

What does her pussy smell like, just wondering ha ha

Anonymous No. 14828 2017-12-29 : 03:17


Females hit puberty before boys. I think this time she is underestimating the power of puberty on the boys and will get her shit pushed in.

Anonymous No. 14829 2017-12-29 : 03:32

Wait until senior year.

Anonymous No. 14851 2017-12-29 : 09:26

His mistake was he let her on top and she pinned him. ☺♥☺

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