By Steve Dellar  |  12-28-2017   News
Photo credit: Charleston Police Department

Police have charged a 21-year-old Charleston man for maliciously wounding a pregnant woman with a baseball bat and injecting her with methamphetamine without consent. The incident apparently took place at a home in the 1800 block of Coral Drive in Charleston.

Young Mr Kyle Wilson Stowers is currently being held at the South Central Regional Jail with bail set at $10,000.

The complaint states that the 37-year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly struck in the head, face and torso, which caused multiple bruises, cuts, and severe pain. He then proceeded to hit her with a wooden baseball bat in the legs.

Finally, just before exiting the crime scene, Mr Stowers allegedly “unwillingly injected what the woman states was methamphetamine into her right arm.”

The woman told police he then “left her for dead.”

According to the complaint, she is 25 weeks pregnant. Police did not say what Stowers’ motive was.

The Charleston police caught the criminal shortly after he fled.

Meth-related criminality is still an ever greater problem in West Virginia.

Doctor Rahul Gupta, the state health commissioner, said that drug users now are mixing meth and heroin themselves: “We’re seeing a lot more meth, and it’s a different kind of meth than we were seeing five or six years ago.”

“There’s a push from the cartels to get these drugs out there.”

The Mexican-made meth inundated the southwestern United States before spreading east.

Until a few years ago, meth dealers and users across the state were making the drug themselves in small, clandestine “shake-and-bake” labs, but as crystal meth from Mexico has become the preferred choice among users, the number of those home labs has declined significantly.

In West Virginia, 129 people have died from meth-related overdoses this year alone. Another sad record.


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