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Photo credit: Marine Le Pen | Reuters

Marine Le Pen bullied by police allegedly under orders of current government

Marine Le Pen, who is leading in the polls at 27% of the vote, has refused to be questioned by the Stormtroopers of the current government who are incensed on doing anything possible to make her look bad.

The detectives allegedly believe that she used two aides, who were on the payroll of the European Parliament, for political activities related to France's local National Front party, which Le Pen is at the head of.

Le Pen's personal assistant, one Catherine Griset, was also charged by the police for "misusing" these aides, which are apparently so ridiculously highly paid the the European Parliament finds itself out of €340,000.

I wonder when the French police will look into the improprieties of the current government, because without Le Pen France is well on its way to becoming an Islamic Republic (or dictatorship!). I would not hold my breath waiting for the police to round up Parliament and the current Prime Minister for high treason.

These charges are obviously ridiculous, and the timing, just two months from election day, is a crime against democracy. So these aides were assigned to Le Pen, a French woman running for president, but the European Parliament is all up in arms because of some bylaw which states that they should work in Brussels and not Paris?

In my opinion, this ruling just adds fuel to the fire of Frexit (that is, France's exit from the European Union) supporters. A corrupt parliament, which an army of lawyers and thousands upon thousands of regulations and even more bylaws scramble to find something, anything, to charge Le Pen with. It's clear that the European Union is the problem here!

Good luck with the election, (Futur) Madame Présidente!

Au nom du peuple.

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Anonymous No. 1478 2017-02-25 : 08:52

She's everything Hillary was not. Good luck France. I hope you make the right choice.

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