By: Kyle James | 12-28-2017 | News
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Female Comedian With Vagina-Centered Comedy Sued For Banning Males

One man has come forward with a lawsuit claiming the female-centric comedian Iliza Shlesinger went too far when she banned male ticket holders from entering her comedy show.

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Wait, Shlesingerheld a woman only show where men were banned and only one person has come forward to complain? Where is the outrage at the sexism? If a male comedian had banned women from entering his show it would be all over the mainstream media and that comedian would be ostracized and blacklisted from the industry.

So how is it that a woman can so blatantly flaunt her sexist views without repercussion? Well, that is exactly what George St. George is wondering after he purchased two tickets to Shlesinger's November 13 show "Girls Night with Iliza - No Boys Allowed" but was turned away at the door because he was a male.

St. George said Shlesinger's male ban "repudiated hundreds of years of women’s struggles to be viewed as being equal to men and is typical of old-fashioned sexism that might also advise a young woman that her best chance for a happy life is to ace her home economics class and learn how to make a queso dip from Velveeta to catch a good man."

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Exactly how much in damages is being sought by the lawsuit is unknown, and Shlesinger has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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Phil No. 14762 2017-12-28 : 06:38

there is already a precedent here as well, btw:

This alleged abuse took place at the Alamo Drafthouse. Alamo Drafthouse also recently made news when they were sued for their women only screening of Wonder Woman and Devin Faraci, former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death. Despite being fired after sexual assault allegations, Drafthouse recently revealed his return in a "limited capacity."

Anonymous No. 14772 2017-12-28 : 09:18

Yes she had every right to ban men as men have banned women from participating in fucking society for 2000 years. How about all those men's clubs (where they prey on women)? How about your gay priest clubs? Yeah, piss off cocks and stay out. You're not wanted and you were never ever needed. This site is womanhating bullshit. It should be hacked.

Anonymous No. 14794 2017-12-28 : 12:41

Since she ban male access she also baned Gays & Transsexuals. I guess the Liberals are over looking that point tho.

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