By: Kyle James | 12-27-2017 | News
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Man Behind Horse Manure Delivery Says It was Meant To Protest GOP Tax Bill

Recently, The Goldwater reported on a rather crappy Christmas present gift sent to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, literally.

Now, it seems the man who claims to be behind the horse manure gift in holiday wrapping is a child psychologist who sent the 'gift' as a form of political protest against the federal tax overhaul being implemented by Republicans that was signed into law by President Trump last week.

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The horse manure sender is 45-year-old Robert Strong who works for Los Angeles County Mental Health Department, how ironic. Strong says he sent the gift addressed to Mnuchin and Trump and left it in the former's driveway located in a posh Bel Air neighborhood.

In an interview with Reuters, Strong said, "Protest really should be funny. People’s eyes glaze over when they just see angry people in the streets." Strong believes that the new tax law will hurt poor people.

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When the package was initially discovered by a neighbor, the U.S. Secret Service and the Los Angeles Police Department both took the package seriously and even responded with a bomb squad who x-rayed the package before opening it Saturday. The Secret Service interviewed the suspect but no charges were filed.

LAPD Lieutenant Rob Weise said that the fact no charges were filed was likely due to the fact that the package wasn't sent through the United States Postal Service and since the package did not present any danger it was not technically illegal. Strong confirmed that a Secret Service agent and six police officers showed to his residence Sunday night.

The group of officials questioned Strong about the package and asked him if he was ashamed of his behaviour. Strong didn't back down from his criticism of the tax plan which he says was "brazenly ripping off the American people." He even went to so far as to compare his protests to the story of Jesus turning over tables in the temple from the Bible.

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