By: Earnest Jones | 02-25-2017 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Mass Meditation To Bring Down Elite Washington Pedophile Ring Underway

It was recently revealed by a Department of Homeland Security insider that the Central Intelligence Agency and the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service are secretly behind the cover up of the Washington D.C. pedophile rings. The insider alleged that the agencies use their knowledge of politicians involved to blackmail and further their sinister political agendas.

This pedophile menace is on the verge of being exposed as we’ve recently seen loyal and awakened followers who are bringing forth information, this include trusted insiders, whistleblowers and leakers.

The world at large has started awakening to the reality of the involvement of Washington D.C. Elites in the Pizzagate pedophile ring scandal. People have therefore realized that the only way for this menace to be put to an end is by people uniting and coming up with solid strategies to stop the ominous pedogate.

A worldwide synchronized meditation event has been organized with the sole intent of bringing those involved to justice. There has been loads of momentum being gathered by the idea as it goes viral in just few hours since it was posted by a user on Reddit.

The user states that he is organizing a synchronized mass meditation/prayer for the mass arrests of the DC pedophiles. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday February 25 , 2017 11:11 am – 11:33 am EST (16:11 UTC). The user also urged people to visualize the criminals being arrested leading to fair and public trials.

The whole intent behind the mass meditation is not to revenge ,but to save the children and the healing of humanity as a whole. Meditation is meant to empower those who are being harmed by pedophilia, rather than to wish harm to the perpetrators and to give strength to those that have the ability to shut down pedophile networks. However, a common mistake would be to focus on suffering being brought to the people responsible, that channels negative energy instead of positive and it can be counterproductive.

There’s widespread believe that mass meditation has a huge impact on social trends. Research conducted by a renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin, tested the effect of a large group meditation on violent crime rates in Washington D.C. The World Peace Group reported that the idea was to show how simple and easy it is to reduce crime and social stress by employing meditation to intervene from the field of consciousness.

As the project took place between June 7th and July 30th, 1993. The number of participants in the meditation grew, this had a direct effect on the violent crime rate which began to steadily decline. After the two months of the experiment, the HRA crime stayed below the time series prediction for that period of the year.

A maximum impact of an unprecedented drop in HRA crime by 23.3% was observed. The optimal effect occurred when the size of the participants was at its largest in the final phase of the project.

After Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the new Attorney General, President Trump signed an executive order that gave the FBI extended powers in the fight against human trafficking. A series of operations have taken place across the US and hundreds of people have been arrested in connection with the pedophilia rings as well as people responsible for selling children to elite pedophile networks.

The Department of Justice has adopted a strategy that is aimed at dismantling the infrastructure of child trafficking networks as it gathers evidence that will hopefully lead to the top of the political realm.


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