By: Kyle James | 12-28-2017 | News
Photo credit: CHP

Man Arrested For Throwing Football-Sized Boulders At Cars For Months

California Highway Patrol says they have finally arrested the man they believe to be behind a rash of incidents where vehicles and their passengers were struck by boulders, some the size of footballs, at cars on Interstate 5 in Sacramento.

The boulder attacks went on for two months injuring several drivers whose windshields were smashed by the falling debris. Officials have a man in custody they suspect is behind at least five cases of rock throwing off overpasses around Florin Road, South Land Park Drive and Pocket Road.

Pedro Ruiz Espinoza, 47, was arrested and is a parolee who has two prior arrests for throwing rocks in Sacramento, according to CHP spokesman Adrian Quintero. Espinoza was sighted on Christmas Day in the Pocket neighborhood near South Land Park Drive by an off-duty officer.

The authorities were on the lookout for Espinoza with highway cameras, helicopters and freeway patrols but did not alert the public to the ongoing investigation as to not scare the suspect away.

CHP said in a news release, "Officers from the South Sacramento Area office have been working tirelessly to locate and apprehend this individual. The incidents could have caused major injury or death to those affected by these incidents."

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Anonymous No. 14752 2017-12-28 : 04:32

>Pedro Ruiz Espinoza

Pedro has to go back

Anonymous No. 14795 2017-12-28 : 12:47

OK I'll ask whats his status in the USA.

The name Pedro Espinoza also pops up as an illegal convicted on Murder in back 2012?

It can't be the same person??? can it?

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