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Madison, Wisconsin Barber Arrested for Bloody, Bald, and Bad Haircut

One of the most common phrases issued to barbers all across the country when asked what type of haircut they want is, “Just a little off the top.”

However, for one customer in Madison, Wisconsin, that “little bit off the top” left him covered in blood and in physical agony from the traumatic experience that was supposed to have been a satisfying haircut.

The 46-year-old old barber, Khaled Shabani, claims that the incident was the fault of the customer who wouldn't hold still, and due to his fidgeting, caused him to chop off more than he intended to.

The Madison Police Department however disagrees and says that the 22-year-old customer of Shabani’s had his ear intentionally snipped with scissors and a long bald streak shaved across the top of his head, on purpose.

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The Salon which employed Khaled Shabani actually has medium-range reviews on Google, which is located at 627 State Street in Madison, Wisconsin.

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The customer reportedly asked that Khaled Shabani cut the sides of his hair with a number two setting on the clippers, and also to remove around an inch with scissors from the top of his head.

He said that not into did Shabani cut his ear, which caused him to bleed, and left the bald strip on the top of his head; but also that he intentionally twisted his ear causing him great pain moments before he cut his ear.

Police told the Madison, Wisconsin branch of<a href=""> </a>that Shabani used the zero setting on the clippers to cut the bald spot on the man's head, despite him asking for the number two.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: Madison Police Department</span>

A Madison Police spokesman said that the victim looked “a bit like Larry from the Three Stooges”.

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“He wanted a fresh coiffure for Christmas, but he ended up with his hair shaved and his ear bloodied. While it's not a crime to give someone a bad haircut, you will get arrested for intentionally snipping their ears with scissors,” said Madison Police Spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Khaled Shabani was placed under arrest by the Madison Police Department because of the crime of cutting the victim's ear “intentionally”.

DeSpain says officers arrested the 46-year-old hairstylist, Khaled A. Shabani, who pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct Wednesday.

The customer ended up having to go to another Barber, and having his entire head shaved as a result of the incident.

Ruby's Salon however is being annihilated on their<a href=""> Yelp Reviews </a>because of the incident.

Here's a few of those reviews:

<blockquote>”I have been accidentally snipped by a pair of scissors when my stylist was trimming my hair before. But the shaving of the strip of hair down the customer's head? Not even close! I don't know who owns this salon but perhaps they had best do better background checks on their stylists! Or give them time off to go home and get their meds if they forgot them that day!</blockquote>

<blockquote>”OK folks this is proof that people on State Street in Madison are 100% BATSH1T CRAZY!”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”Guy in the first chair butchered my hair and didn't pay attention to what I wanted. He also insisted that my ancestors worked on the railroad.”</blockquote>

Even prior to this incident, there's old reviews that are negative as well.

<blockquote>”When I got to Ruby's I was seated immediately but the main guy didn't want to listen to what cut I wanted to get. He was in a huge hurry even though there was only 1 person waiting. Zero conversation, which isn't a big deal to me but I was astounded when he ended up drawing blood from my ear! He blamed me for the cut, right in the center of my ear…Then he said I should be smarter than that if I went to school in Madison. When I left he pointed at my ear and said have fun…laughable professionalism. Customer service is non existent here. I have never left a review on Yelp before but after today's experience, I feel obligated to warn others. GO TO NOGGINZ”</blockquote>

<blockquote>”I went here a few months ago and, after hearing another horror story from a friend, decided to post my review. When I went in, the salon only employed one stylist–the man with the accent. The salon was trying to draw in more customers so I decided to go in and try out their $10 men's haircut. The man instantly seated me down, and, as I was about to tell him the style I wanted, he interrupted me to say, "I don't care. I know what your hair needs." To which I, dumbfounded, remained silent. The haircut went quickly, silently, and in a matter of minutes it was done. One thing I noticed during my cut was that there was not a cosmetology license displayed anywhere in the room, which was extremely unnerving. The stylist nudged me out of my chair, and demanded payment only in cash, which is understandable for most local organizations. Then I offered to pay him a tip, but he would not accept, putting my payment into a wad of cash in his pocket. I was feeling uncomfortable and unsure if the transaction was authorized or not. Weeks later, my hair began to grow again and I noticed areas that had not been cut behind my ears and on the crown of my head. I went to Nogginz to have this fixed and have solely gone there for my haircuts now. Pay the few extra dollars and go to Nogginz. Ruby's service is abominable and the salon itself should be evaluated for the safety of their customers.”</blockquote>

Apparently the business doesn't pay attention to their customers, or else they have continued to hire horrifying stylists.

While somewhat an amusing story, for someone who spends far too much time and effort on their hair, this could have caused a violent confrontation had the victim been less polite about the matter.

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Anonymous No. 14754 2017-12-28 : 04:34

Hrmm sounds like a hate crime from first glance. Would be interesting to send in Mohammad and see if the experience is different?

I have had a small pinch from the clippers around my ears before but the barber was always the most apologetic immediately. Guy better get a hep test now just to be safe.


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