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Social Responsibility Hypocrisy Fail: Death By Body Positivity

Scrolling through Facebook I saw mention of a recent episode of the British television program "Hooked On The Look." In the episode I found, 700 pound c's story is showcased. Monica is a Fort Worth, Texas-based model whose dream is to become the fattest woman on Earth. Currently, she's made it to a full 91 inches around (just over 7 and a half feet diameter, that is). Though she's already experiencing the mobility issues that are par for the course with morbid obesity, she's not done yet.

<a href="">Monica wants to be the fattest woman on Earth</a> because of the immobility it provides. She explains how "in the Egyptian age" the royalty were cared for and "the most loved" so this is her aim for herself. Monica manages around 6000-8000 calories per day (that's 2-4x's a regularly balanced nutritious daily diet) and even gets help from her boyfriend Sidney. It was Sidney's brilliant idea to introduce the "funnel feeding" technique.

You see this little geeky guy who admits he "always had a thing for fat girls" working on what amounts to a far more dangerous fetish lifestyle than most BDSM practitioners would get anywhere near and just have to wonder how these people got where they are today. "Here baby, it's funnel feeding time!" Sidney smiles brandishing the hose and funnel.

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Sidney's "weight gain shakes" are made up of ice cream, milk, heavy cream, and two strawberry Pop Tarts. Sidney is supportive of Monica's life choices:

<quote>"I am worried about her health, but, you know, ultimately it's her body, her choice. Not mine."</quote>

Hey, I'm fairly libertarian so I <b><i>DO NOT</i></b> believe in taking away people's choices from them. Far better, in my rarely humble opinion, to offer better choices in their place. Take the <a href="">Rat Park experiments</a> which showed how mammals offered better options that suit their natural inclinations often make better choices for themselves. I don't believe in censorship either, but I also believe in a modicum of personal and social responsibility.

The media has done their part to encourage a fear of drugs and guns, a disgust with cigarette smoking and other means to curtail other perceived social ills. At the same time though, it's clear there is no standardization or reason behind much of this practice. Monica said she "feels sexy" the fatter she gets and that she's "turned on" by her obesity. How much you want to bet years of Now This, HuffPo and other sources beaming "fat positivity" and glamourizing this unhealthy lifestyle had a part in her personal "lifestyle choice."

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">The pizzas aren&#39;t hypothetical and it&#39;s actually 300,000 deaths per year from obesity. Rant coming soon from <a href="">@TheGoldWaterUS</a>… <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Philip (@kafkaguy) <a href="">December 27, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Will Sidney have to get therapy in 2 or 3 years when she dies because of his handy-dandy funnel feeding plan?

"It was his idea. He does it because he wants to support me," Monica explained to the viewing public.

Spoonfed body positivity until she was ready to be funnel-fed "fatness fame" the heartbreaking part is her practicum for wanting to become "the fattest woman on Earth."

Certainly won't help dispel the <a href="">rumors of me being a sensationalist tabloid reporter</a>, but when I found this video scrolling through social media I knew I had found a subject for a rant. There are probably plenty of nasty, socially unacceptable cigarette smokers who eat well and get exercise that are healthier than most any morbidly obese person. So why (bad pun in 3, 2, 1…) feed into the serious issue of dangerous food addiction by encouraging the glamourization of morbid obesity?

An estimated 300,000 people die of obesity each year in the U.S. Another 76,000 die of Type II diabetes that could have been prevented by healthier eating and lifestyle choices. Bear in mind, I'm not making light of <a href="

">the opiate epidemic</a>, but seriously, preventable diabetes kills twice as many each year, but you don't see Senators scrambling to limit Snickers sales. And I don't want them to, but the hypocrisy you see in a world where <a href="">pharma grade methamphetamine is prescribed to 6-year-olds while adults can't use a plant</a>. The Twilight Zone land we live in where cigarettes are made Public Enemy Number 1 but children are encouraged to eat themselves to death is disheartening to say the least.

Man, this story has got my blood pressure up now. Time for a smoke, I guess…

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Anonymous No. 14718 2017-12-27 : 15:15

Hey, I'm all for people being comfortable with themselves but it gets to a point where body positivity becomes the glamorization of a dangerous, unhealthy lifestyle. No different than glamorizing drug lifestyle in rap music.

Anonymous No. 14725 2017-12-27 : 16:39

How's this stupid fatass expect that her zero self respect boyfriend will hang around and funnel feed her massive being. Basically she is saying I'm so lazy I'm going to eat till I cannot move then have skinny dumbasses cater to me like a queen. Hahahahahaha I hope your reading this boyfriend cause your going to be expected to clean the cheese from the folds and sores. And someday you will have to remove a wall to get the sow out of the house when the "throne" becomes one with the beast.

John tetreault No. 14731 2017-12-27 : 18:06

I think we need to somehow strike a balance… I don't want to see a world where the ones are openly discriminated against (I've been told at job interviews "you want the job?, Lose 100 lbs" even though I was perfectly qualified, and my weight had nothing to do with the job requirements). That being said, while I am morbidly obese, I've taken steps to at least try to mitigate my metabolic deficiency, including dieting, and even surgical options (I did lose that 100 lbs thanks to surgery, but still am over 300)

I can unequivocally say however that I don't want this weight…. The sad thing in this woman's case is she actual WANTS to be the fastest woman in the world, and wrongly thinks fatter means more loved…. Clearly she has severe psychiatric issues, and her "boyfriend" is just as screwed up, and together they are a codependent nightmare

Anonymous No. 14756 2017-12-28 : 04:58

Anyone who supports these fatties need to get fat themselves then jump off a building.

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