By: Earnest Jones | 02-25-2017 | News
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Trump at CPAC : Blasts Use Of Media’s Anonymous Sources ,Bashes Fake News as “Enemy of the People”

President Trump was speaking at the Conservatives Political Action Conference (CPAC) where he delivered another victory speech in which he reiterated his current traditional talking points that touched on bad polling, he also promised to increase the military spending, slammed bad deals, vowed to build the wall and most importantly he also unleashed an attack on the fake news media. President Trump made special emphasis on outlets that use anonymous sources as he claimed that he loves the First Amendment.

President Trump made it clear that he only considers the fake news outlets to be the enemy of the people as he also extended the charge to say that the media is dishonest for fabricating sources.

During his address to CPAC, Trump clarified the difference between the fake news media and the press and said that he supports honest reporting and the First Amendment. He emphasized that he’s not against the media and the press and that he doesn’t mind bad stories if he deserves them, adding that he was only against the fake news media or press that make up stories without legitimate sources.

Trump urged the crowd to realize that they’re fighting the fake news, adding that the reason he called the fake news the enemy of the people is because they have no sources and all they do is make them up when they are non-existent. He also said that he’s against people that make up stories and sources, adding that they should not be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name.

Trump also bashed Europe and Sweden for the bad immigration policies. He also covered topics such as the Mexican Wall which he said will be built way ahead of schedule, he also promised to repeal/replace the Obamacare, he also mentioned on tax reform and his accomplishments as the President-elect; the eradication of ISIS; the new massive military budget; emphasized on his desire to keep terrorist out and also said that there’s need for global co-operation.

President Trump got a warm reception after taking the stage as the crowd applauded him as they took a standing ovation. The attendees continued to stand for his speech until he told them to seat. The event saw an overflow crown in the back of the room that chanted USA and build that wall. Trump skipped last year’s CPAC due to conflict with his campaign.


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