By: Savannah Smith | 12-26-2017 | News
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Bold Thieves Steal Teenagers Laptops Inside Starbucks in Atlanta

Young people love to hang out in coffee shops like Starbucks to study and do their homework but parents are getting worried after thieves targeted teenage girls at Starbucks outlets in Atlanta and took off with their laptops.

Police confirmed the burglary. One teenager named Kristen Hart, 14, was visibly upset after her laptop was stolen inside Starbucks on Monroe Drive. Hart was studying with her friends in the said coffee shop and all their MacBook laptops were on the table then. She said she had already noticed some guys watching them from the start but opted not to pay much attention to it.

A moment later, one of the guys stood up and just grabbed Hart’s laptop from the table. The teenager said: “It was so fast that we didn’t realize they had taken my laptop.”

The victim added: “It is really important and it costs a lot of money and they took mine.”

Hart is not the only victim of such brazen laptop stealing inside a Starbucks store targeting young people. 16-year-old Catelyn Chamblee was just working on homework with her MacBook Pro inside the Starbucks on West Paces Ferry Road. Chamblee then noticed a guy at the cash register who wasn’t really ordering anything.

The guy then walked by the teenager’s table. To her utter shock, Chamblee shared: “He kind of just slammed the computer shut, grabbed it and just ran off.”

The young lady kept replaying what happened on her mind, thinking of ways she could have responded differently. Chamblee said: “I thought about what if I tried to grab it back and something happened or what if it happened while I was getting in my car?”

The incident has taught her to be more aware of her surroundings and to be more cautious.

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating both cases. It is not clear yet if the two incidents are related. The authorities did not yet share descriptions of the suspects. It is likely, of course, that the store surveillance cameras have caught footage of the two incidents.

Starbucks has not reacted yet to the incidents and the safety of their establishments vis-a-vis what happened to the two teenage customers inside their stores.


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Anonymous No. 14697 2017-12-27 : 09:18

The Monroe / Ha. Ave. , 10th st. GA. Tech / Grady area is a well known Thug hangout for robbing Students of a High Tech gear.

Fin Delaney No. 14712 2017-12-27 : 12:03

Libraries are a better place to study. Safer, more secure, free, friendlier & the American way.

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