By: Savannah Smith | 12-26-2017 | News
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Female Police Officer Probing an Incident Viciously Attacked, Beaten in Virginia

A Hampton female police officer was just on routine patrol in the area of Kecoughtan Road and Regent Street investigating a possible complaint about vandalism to a vehicle when she became the subject of an attack as well.

The incident took place on December 22, at around 4:24 p.m. Now, the Hampton Police Division has arrested a 17-year-old teenager from Hampton for the assault on an officer.

A complainant for the vehicle vandalism pointed to the officer two individuals involved in the incident. As part of her investigation, the officer tried to speak with both subjects about the matter. However, unprovoked, the suspect suddenly charged and started physically assaulting the officer.

The suspect punched the officer, took her to the ground, and started slamming her head against the concrete. The officer managed to recover from the shock attack and regain control of the suspect just as backup officers arrived on the scene. The other officers assisted in taking the suspect into custody.

The lady officer sustained injuries from the attack, but they were not life-threatening. No other injuries were reported from the incident.

The 17-year-old boy has been charged with one count of felonious assault on a law enforcement officer.

It is not as clear yet what the teenager, possibly along with his companion, did exactly to the vehicle prior to the attack on the officer. It is also not clear if he and or his companion had a previous feud with the car owner whose vehicle they have vandalized.

The authorities have not released the identity of the suspect who’s still a minor.

It is not yet clear if the suspect will be allowed to post bail. The schedule for his first court appearance is also not announced yet.


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Anonymous No. 14703 2017-12-27 : 09:52

Because so many thugs used the age of officially Pre-Adult to commit heinous crimes. The laws in many states have changed their laws to allow such Thugs to be chargeable as an adults now.

In Augusta Ga they have 2 or 3 teens a year charged as adults . Recently in Oct 2017 a Black 13 y/o teen was charged for murder as a adult. After he hunted down a 61+ y/o elderly woman to rob and murder her for $40.

Anonymous No. 14724 2017-12-27 : 15:50

I am old and 40 years ago up here in WI when some kid over the age of 14 got arrested it was almost automatically waived into adult court. First time I got in trouble was for possession of "stolen" property that was a bike part I bought from another kid my age. He got caught for stealing the bike and had to come back up with all the parts. I wanted my $15 back first which he didn't have anymore so he told the cops I had the part and knew it was stolen but wouldn't give it back. The cops grilled me for hours trying to trick me into saying I thought something was "wrong" with the deal. I finally said that I kinda thought that the part was cheap for what a new one costs. That was enough to get me caught up in adult court here in WI back 40 years ago over something I doubt the cops would waste any resources on with the shit the kids are up to these days?

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