By Savannah Smith  |  12-23-2017   News
Photo credit: KABB | WOAI

It was supposed to be just a chill night of fun at home with pizza, drinks and some games for two friends in San Antonio. Events took a sinister twist, however, when one of them was left dead after a game of Russan Roulette.

Authorities responded to Northwest 18th Street near Culebra at around 8 p.m. after receiving a call. The man who resides in the place told the police that his friend came over and they were just hanging out and eating pizza. The friend had a gun with him at the time and suggested they play Russian Roulette.

The man narrated to the police that the visiting friend went first, he fired the gun and he shot himself in the head. The shooting victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reports have not fully established so far if it was merely an accident, or if the shooting was deliberate and self-inflicted.

The authorites have not released the identities of the casualty and the friend who called the police and witnessed the shooting.

It is not yet clear if authorities are taking the caller’s tale at face value, or would be still be conducting regular investigations to verify the authencity of the resident’s story. It is not yet clear if at this point possible foul play is not ruled out yet.

It is also not clear if there were other people in the house at the time of the incident who might have witnessed the incident.


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