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Photo credit: Sullivan County Sheriff

Black Thug Gets 21-To-Life for Murdering Elderly White Bungalow Caretaker in New Jersey

Finally some justice has been granted in the murder of 61-year-old John Ferrari, and elderly white Bungalow Caretaker, of Riverdale, New Jersey; where he was repeatedly struck in the head with a shovel until he was dead.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and the State Police at Liberty later found the body of Ferrari hidden at the Pardess Bungalow Property at the end of September in 2016.

Forensic investigators examining the scene of the murder, later found blood that matched Ferrari’s DNA on the shoes of 37-year-old Ricky Bolden, who later admitting to striking Ferrari multiple times in the skull with the shovel.

Sullivan County District Attorney Jim Farrell said that forensic investigators found the victim’s blood on Bolden’s sneakers, his sweatshirt and his jeans and also found a glove that had been discarded in the garbage with the victim’s blood on the outside and the defendant’s DNA on the inside, according to<a href=""> Mid Hudson News</a>.

Bolden entered a plea of guilty to Murder in the 2nd Degree in a court of law.

Farrell told the judge that the evidence against Bolden was overwhelming.

Video from Pardess showed Bolden and Ferrari walking off toward the rear of the property, and Bolden driving off in Ferrari’s car less than an hour later.

Bolden pawned a chain stolen from Ferrari 17 minutes after driving off, Farrell said.

Farrell read from letters by Ferrari’s family describing Ferrari and the devastation his murder wrought on family and friends. He was selfless, Ferrari’s son, John “JT” Ferrari wrote, there to help no matter the hour. Ferrari drove home each night to care for his mother, who suffers from dementia.

“He made the mistake of giving someone who had a hard life a chance to live decently,” JT Ferrari wrote, “and it got him killed.”

JT Ferrari wrote that his brother Taylor blames himself for not being there to save their father’s life.

On Friday, Bolden was given a sentence of 21 years to life in a State Prison for the grisly homicide, and the District Attorney’s Office is celebrating the sentence as bringing closure to the elderly man's family.

The DA said, “I want to thank all of the police agencies and our Sheriff’s Office for their efforts in this case. They secured multiple search warrants and developed leads and evidence that brought John Ferrari’s killer to justice.”

“The multiple agencies in this case coalesced and worked diligently and professionally, together, to solve this murder. I hope that the sentence imposed upon Bolden will give the family and friends of John Ferrari some measure of closure for a loss that will affect them forever.” Farrell said.

The savage responsible for the heinous crime will hopefully rot behind bars.

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