By Earnest Jones   |  12-23-2017   News
Photo credit: WSVN

A small banner plane had to make an emergency water landing Friday afternoon after the plane developed engine trouble, Reports from the Miami Beach Fire Rescue indicate that the pilot managed to pull off the emergency landing.

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Authorities revealed that pilot was an adult male who was flying alone. However, after the pilot landed in Biscayne Bay near Mount Sinai Medical Center, he swam to a nearby boater who took him to shore, officials revealed.

The occurrence of the incident has been reported to have taken place around 3:16 p.m. There were no injuries, said Jorge Linares, a Miami Beach Fire spokesman.

The MBPD Marine Patrol made it on a scene of the crash in Biscayne Bay (50 St/N. Bay Rd.) However, no injuries were reported, pilot exited, rescued by the nearby boater.

“He’s all okay now,” Linares told the Miami Herald. “Since he landed by the bay side, it didn’t affect anyone.” Linares also revealed that it is unclear as to what the banner on the plane was promoting on its fight.


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