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Was The Pentagon UFO Program The Only One?

For years people have been claiming to have been followed, harassed and interrogated by 'men in black', government officials investigating the UFO phenomenon.

Much like it's denial and then later acknowledgment of the existence of Area 51, the government has now acknowledged the existence of a secret program meant to investigate UFO's, just like people have been claiming for years.

The existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification program represents vindication for many who have been ridiculed for suggesting contact bizarre contact with government officials investigating UFO's, stealing evidence, tapping phones, and other things once considered laughable.

We now know that the government is taking UFO's serious and it's spending millions and millions of dollars investigating them. The Pentagon was perhaps getting ahead of a potential disaster with its investigating of the strange sightings.

In case it turned out to be a real threat, the Pentagon wanted to be proactive and be able to claim beforehand knowledge of the threat if it did turn out to be aliens or a Russian technology. Some are left to wonder is the Pentagon the only branch to investigate the sightings?

With the implications of technology displayed in sightings, gravity control, advanced weapons, ability to fly at high speeds without aerodynamic wings or rotors, it makes sense that other government branches would have their own UFO investigation programs.

Whether the Pentagon was the only branch to investigate the strange sightings, the report in the New York Times presented some startling evidence. The objects were confirmed on the radar for weeks, seen making water broil underneath it and filmed by pilots.

There is without a doubt something invading US airspace, exactly what it warrants an investigation at the highest level of all resources available and the answers discovered are disseminated to the public.

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John-Michael Mahnke No. 14539 2017-12-23 : 00:45

This is sure something. just like V the original minie series by Kenneth Johnson.

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