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Previously Convicted Pedophile Murders 3-Year-Old in San Antonio, Texas

Law enforcement in San Antonio, Texas is asking for the public’s assistance in finding a pedophile convicted of child porn charges who is now believed to have murdered a 3-year-old child in cold blood.

Early in November, 3-year-old Rene Blancas was shot and killed just four days before his fourth birthday, and Police say they now have a suspect who's currently on the run for multiple crimes.

Blancas was riding in a car down Briggs Avenue in San Antonio with his parents and 11-month-old sister when he was shot once in the head.

He was taken by Air Life to University Hospital where he was pronounced dead in the early morning hours.

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Authorities frantically searched for a suspect and couldn't find anyone or any witnesses to help, and then they caught a break when someone gave them a tip.

22-year-old Eric Trevino has a lifelong history of crime.

Back in 2014 Trevino was convicted of a child pornography charge, and after his release from prison was ordered to register as a sex offender.

Despite being a pedophile on parole until 2019, Trevino refused to register into the sex offender database in July of 2017, resulting in a capias warrant being issued for his arrest.

While Trevino fled the area, he was still being sought by police.

Then in early November, after the shooting death of 3-year-old Rene Blancas authorities received a tip that Trevino was their primary shooter.

Just one week after the murder, Trevino was pulled over by police and issued two citations stemming from controlled substance charges and somehow avoided the warrant check for the murder and capias.

Neither of those two charges he received, did Trevino appear into court for, resulting in two additional warrants being issued for his arrest.

Later authorities would once again catch a break, with a new tip that would lead them to the apprehending of Trevino.

Trevino was then placed under arrest on December 20th for the outstanding warrants in the 1300 block Cupples Road, San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said, before he was brought to the homicide office for an interview.

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“I didn’t hurt nobody. I didn’t kill no little boy,” he said, using explicit language. “Ya’ll motherfuckers got the wrong people.”

"We had a tip on the individual and through a number of investigative techniques we were able to connect him with the shooting." Chief McManus said.

That's when the parents of three-year-old Rene Blancas, Melanie Santos and Rene Blancas, Sr., the only two who were able see the suspect on the day of their child's murder; were able to positively identify him in a photo array.

Trevino was then booked into the Bexar County jail on a charge of Capital Murder in the death of Rene Blancas, according to<a href=""> KHOU</a>.

While the child may never be returned to their parents, this capture could certainly save the lives of children in the future.

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