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A tragic killing occurred in San Antonio, Texas where four Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies opened fire on a woman wanted by authorities, and her 6-Year-Old child was fatally shot in the process.

This careless action by law enforcement further underscores that many Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices use reckless force to apprehend suspects. And this time, the result is the death of an innocent child.

Sheriff Javier Salazar From the Bexar County Sheriff's Department says that Deputies were attempting to chase the woman, who was wanted for multiple offenses including car theft, as they saw her trying to break into a San Antonio mobile home on 11200 block of FM 1518.

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That's when the Sheriff's Deputies opened fire on the woman, shooting her multiple times, where she died at the scene.

Inside of the trailer home Deputies found a 6-year-old child, who had been shot in the torso; who was transported to a nearby hospital and later was pronounced dead as a result of the incompetence of these Deputies.

It's an outright travesty, and the simple fact that law enforcement agents continue to use deadly-force, in this case against a woman and a child, versus non-lethal means only further points out the complete and utter egotistical and narcissistic attitude of many who wear the badge.

Which is unfortunate, I absolutely support the brave men and women of Law Enforcement but these senseless murders, yes, it's a murder, show that something in America has to change and has to change right now.

The Bexar County medical examiner's office on Friday identified the boy as 6-year-old Kameron Prescott.

Despite claims from another Deputy who said that the woman had “pointed a gun at law enforcement”, no weapon was found on the deceased woman.

The child however is now dead as a result of the inability of the police to use a taser or attempt to subdue the woman through overpowering force. Insanity.

“Something in the way that the suspect presented to the deputies placed these deputies in direct fear for their lives,” Salazar explained. “They shot several shots each at the suspect. The suspect was shot at least several times that we know of. She fell over and died at the scene.”

"I can definitively tell you that myself and all the deputies involved, there's not a single one us of that wouldn't trade places with this child," Salazar told reporters late Thursday.

Sorry Sheriff Salazar, your words aren't bringing back this boy that your Deputies murdered in cold blood, and each and every one of you should resign immediately because of this.

33-year-old Anthony Fritcher, told<a href=""> KTSA </a>that he was closing the back door of his home at the trailer park when the front door was flung open and the woman walked in, demanding the keys to a Kia Soul parked in the driveway. Fritcher, along with others in the home, charged at the woman, who ran outside and out of sight.

That's what prompted the entire chase where the Sheriff's Deputies tried to apprehend the suspect, who was able to flee on foot and at one point allegedly swam across a stream to escape.

I really don't care what the logic is, non-lethal weapons could have prevented this double murder by police.

“He’s a sweet kid,” said Kallie Lawrence. She is friends with the boy’s cousin. “He loves to ride on his bike. He was loud, but overall he was cute and adorable.”

“I knew the family. We would have tiny talks and have races. he really loved his bike. It’s sad the fact that he passed away when he had no reason to be in this,” Kira Alavarado opined.

This all comes after the high profile murder of an innocent and unarmed man in Mesa, Arizona who was<a href=""> murdered in cold blood </a>by Officer Brailsford of the Mesa Police Department, later shockingly found not guilty of the crimes.

There needs to be more training in place for officers to be legally required to carry non-lethal force and use it as a first attempt to apprehend a suspect. This insanity of assuming we live in a police state and accepting it, has to end.

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