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UN ambassador tweets pro-nazi economic policy; Jews play the holocaust card again

The Jerusalem Post is up in arms today because of a recent tweet by the Philippine ambassador to the United Nations. Looking back on history, few people will say that the Nazis didn’t commit atrocities. However, that is not what Ambassador Teddy Locsin Jr. was talking about.

The tweet read ” True, a horror but they fixed broken Germany to repeat aggression ten times stronger. So they knew something more than killing Jews.”

This was in reply to a young twit that had sent him the following tweet.

“emi ‏@dqmcn  Oct 1

@teddyboylocsin the Nazis were responsible for torturing and killing six million (and more) innocent people

Locsin was trying to make a point, and it is a valuable point indeed. The Third Reich of Germany corrected a crashing economy and was brilliant in transforming Germany from a broken nation to a super power in a rapid methodical way. There are many good things to learn from their historical turnaround of an economy that was in shambles. The 1920s saw Germany focus on social spending and the resulting hyper-inflation that occurred is well documented. Hitler turned the economy of Germany around, and by 1936 Germany was hosting the Olympic games, and proud again of their country and economy. If the leadership of the Philippines intends to emulate the results of Nazi Germany with their economy, by implementing some of their proven economic and social policies, it is a magnificent move. The lack of politically correct speech in doing so is also a breath of fresh air. The Germans did a lot more than kill Jews. If the fourth most mineralized country on earth with a large educated population decides they want to improve their position in the world, by following proven successful historical examples. They should be applauded, not discouraged.

The Israeli press over reacts constantly and is attempting to influence world opinion against the Philippines, instead of encouraging them to reform the economy. It is time to learn lessons from history, not rewrite, or forget history. If we do that. We are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again. The Philippine people were also victims of genocide in the 20th century. You rarely hear them complain about it, other than to mention it in the history books. If the Philippines can learn a valuable lesson from Nazi Germany, then the Jews can learn a valuable lesson from the Philippines by learning how to move on to the next thing, and not dwell on events so far in the past that only a handful of people still living can even remember first hand.

The Jews have nothing to worry about from the Philippines Islands. Even if they wanted to commit genocide against the Jews in the Philippines. There aren’t that many. It’s not like President Duturte will gas 6 million Jews. He just wants to clean up the drug problem that ravishes his country. It is what he was elected to do. He has the mandate of the people behind him.

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