By: Kyle James | 12-22-2017 | News
Photo credit: FOX 29

Graphic: Raccoon Nearly Eats 4-Month-Old's Face Off

A terrifying attack has left a 4-month-old baby girl horribly disfigured after a raccoon mauled her face inside a North Philly apartment.

The brutal attack occurred in a North Philadelphia apartment according to her family. 4-month-old Jourini Black was placed on a bed by her mother while she used the restroom. When she returned to the bedroom, baby Jourini was no longer on the bed but rather laying on the floor across the room.

The infant's mother said, "She was laying on the floor— across the room — blood all over her face and her PJs." The raccoon pulled the child from the bed and attacked her. Baby Jourini was rushed to St. Christopher hospital for surgery. The baby's face required 65 stitches in total, according to her family.

There is a record of prior complaints of raccoon infestation at the residence and city records say the property is owned by one Jihad Simpson. However, when Simpson was asked whether he has the required license to rent the property to which he replied he did not. City Licenses and Inspections confirmed he did not have a license to rent.

Also of note, tax documents show $23,000 in back-taxes are owed but the city says Simpson is in a payment program and up-to-date. Animal control conducted a search of the premises for raccoons but they did not specify if the raccoon who mauled the child was

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Anonymous No. 14490 2017-12-22 : 07:18

Kyle, you can't unread this…..

Anonymous No. 14497 2017-12-22 : 08:46

Being a southern raise kid, like many I have raise orphaned baby kits (raccoon) to be a pet and yes I have nipped a few times. My bite marks were more circular, did not look in any shape like this.

So I googled Rat bite images … they seem to look more like the animal in question. Plus more likely to be inside closed windowed Northern apartments in winter time, than a raccoon 3+x the size of most house cats.

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