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Doylestown Police Issue $100 Bills Instead Of Tickets

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While people went about their daily routine in one small east coast town, Doylestown Police department was doing the opposite of their normal routine. Instead of writing tickets, they handed out $100 dollar bills to spread some holiday cheer.

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The generous gifts were handed out Tuesday as they kicked off their annual $100 Traffic Stop Campaign. Many officers consider the event a favorite of the year since they get to hand out $100 bills to the drivers of the vehicles they pull over.

Chief of Police Casey Tester, Lt. Kevin Millburn and Officer Lydia Morrow all set out Tuesday around noon to find their first "offender". Chris Clark from Hudson was in town doing construction on a new school building when he was pulled over. "I thought I came to a complete stop at the stop sign," Hudson said. "It is a great feeling, that I don’t have to pay a fine, instead I got $100."

Tester said he has seen all ranges of emotion displayed when handing the $100 bill to the driver. "Let’s face it, no one enjoys getting pulled over; it is a negative experience," he said. "The holidays are a hectic time and people are in a hurry, the last thing they want is a ticket. We turn that negative experience into a positive one."

Millburn recalled one driver they pulled over and gave $100 bill to be so shocked that he called the police department days later to thank them. "I have seen people overly excited, in disbelief and everything in between," Millburn explained.

During another stop by Millburn, a woman named Tammy Baker said she had been blessed this year and she wanted to donate the $100 to the Doylestown Food Cupboard. The fund this year for the event was $1,800, most of which was donated throughout the year.

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Question: How much of Mostly Donated was it vs taxpayer $$$$$

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