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Texas Woman has Miscarriage, Kills a Newborn's Mother, and Kidnaps 6-Week-Old Baby

Law enforcement in Texas says there's a disturbing case that they're currently investigating involving the kidnapping of a newborn child, and the murder of the child's mother; all be a woman who was hell-bent on having the baby for herself.

According to the Houston Police Department, 28-year-old Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez had a miscarriage, and was so desperate to hide that from her boyfriend, that she went to extraordinary measures to steal another child and pretend that she had given birth herself as if the baby was her own.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said that after Miranda-Alvarez had her miscarriage she then began stalking potential new mothers to find a child to steal, and that's when she found 33-year-old Carolina Flores.

Family and friends of Carolina Flores would later find the new mother dead on the floor of her apartment in Houston, covered in blood from multiple vicious stab wounds; and her 6-week-old baby, Shamali Flores, was missing.

Someone had kidnapped the infant child, which began a statewide Amber Alert and manhunt for the person who could have been responsible for such an atrocity and kidnapping.

Originally an Amber Alert was issued for the baby, in which it was believed that the<a href=""> child's father </a>was responsible for the kidnapping.

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The ever frantic search from law enforcement agencies in Texas were tipped off that baby Shamali could have been taken by Miranda-Alvarez, who had recently lost her own child.

Within 48 hours of the brutal and savage murder, police were able to apprehend the demented creature Miranda-Alvarez, who had killed Carolina Flores in cold blood, and was<a href=""> charged with capital murder </a>in the heinous stabbing death of the child’s mother.

The young child was later located, safe and sound, inside of an apartment building across town.

Houston Police said that it’s now up to the District Attorney to determine whether Miranda-Alvarez will be also charged with kidnapping in the case.

“Everything that our outstanding investigators theorized turned out to be true,” Acevedo told reporters.

Authorities said the infant “appears unharmed & is being checked at an area hospital as a precaution,” although it remains unseen who will now be raising the child.

A terrible tragedy, as a result of a sick, perverse, and disgusting woman.

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Anonymous No. 14463 2017-12-21 : 22:14

Go figure, blame the guy 1st. Its always the mans fault you know.

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