By: Kyle James | 12-21-2017 | News
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Aussie Pedo Gets Life Sentence for the 1984 Rape & Murder of 6-Year Old Girl

Justice finally came after more than 30 long, agonizing years for a now elderly mother who lost her precious then 6-year-old daughter to the most despicable of circumstances- abducted, raped, killed then dumped by a pedophile.

A judge made sure the criminal will have the remaining years of his life locked up in jail when he sentenced depraved child predator Gregory Keith Davies to a life in prison for committing one of the most heinous murders in Victorian history.

One day in 1984 during Melbourne Cup Day, six-year-old Kylie was asked by her mother Julie to buy a bag of sugar from a corner store in their neighborhood in Preston merely less than 150 meters away, at around 4:30 in the afternoon. It turned out horrifically that it turned out to be the last time the mother would see her young daughter alive. Julie never made it back home.

Kylie was just starting to walk straight back home when Davies preyed on the innocent child. Davies abducted little Kylie, raped and strangled her then dumped her small body in a gutter in a street near where she was snatched.

The discovery of Kylie’s abused and dead body was too much of a shock even for emergency services and detectives who arrived on the scene of the crime. Julie panicked when Kylie did not come home as expected. She sought help to look for her child, and by 1 am the following morning, everyone involved in the search for Kylie discovered the heartbreaking, shattering reality of what happened to the precious girl.

Autopsy results later confirmed that Davies drugged Kylie before attacking her. Davies at the start of the investigations claimed that he was at a barbeque at the time of the crime.

The high-profile case went cold and Julie endured more than 30 long, agonizing years of pain, grief and hunger for justice. Detectives persisted and in June last year, they took an already elderly Davies at his home, thanks to a breakthrough in the investigation.

The DNA found on Kylie’s body and clothing matched Davies’ DNA. After that, Davies was quickly charged leading to his arrest.

Earlier this year, Davies pleaded guilty to one count of murder and one count of rape. While in prison, one inmate took matters into his own hands and perhaps his own sense of justice compelled him to exact revenge for the girl and her family. The inmate attacked the pervert pedophile by pouring boiling water on his neck and groin.

The real and official justice came just today when Judge Lasry sentenced Davies to life in prison for Kylie’s murder and 8 years for her rape. Davies won’t be eligible for parole in the next 28 years, which means he will most likely die as an inmate.

The judge told Davies he can “never repair the damage” he caused Kylie’s family

Julie described Davies as a monster and said what he has done to her beloved daughter is simply disgusting. She said: “How can anyone do that to a little girl?”

The mother said she would have killed Davies if she had the chance. Now that justice is finally served, albeit three long decades after, Julie says only now can her life begin again.


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