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Amazing New Research About Vegetables and Your Lungs!

Thorax has published some new research results which indicate that there’s a link between eating a great quantity of fruits and vegetables and lung health. The research found out that the risk of developing chronic pulmonary disease in current and former smokers reduced.

Reams of research has already unveiled the enormous benefits that come with the consumption of fruits and vegetables. One of the benefits of consuming fruits is the reduced risk of contracting cardiovascular complications, fruits also maintain a healthy blood pressure, and also reduce the risk of getting cancer.

A number of studies have shown that consuming fruits and vegetables might also protect one’s lung health. One of the conditions that affects more than 64 million people is the Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is characterized narrow airways, bronchitis and emphysema.

Smoking is the major risk factor for COPD and the World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030 it will be the third leading cause of death.

Earlier studies have revealed that there’s a correlation between dietary factors and COPD. Researchers tracked the respiratory health of more than 44,000 Swedish men that were aged between 45-79 and they were followed up for an average of 13.2 years.

They were each supposed to complete a food frequency questionnaire that gathered data on how often they consumed 96 foods, other factors were also taken into consideration such as education level, height, weight, alcohol consumption and physical activity. Data was also gathered on the frequency of how often they smoked on average at ages 15-21, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and 51-60. Of the whole sample, 63 percent had smoked at one point in their lives while 24 percent were smokers and 38.5 had never had the experience of smoking.

The occurrences of COPD was registered during the timeline and the rate of COPD in those who ate fewer portions of fruits and vegetables per day was 1,166 per 100,000 people in current smokers and 506 per 100,000 in former smokers.

Those eating five portions per day, which is equivalent to 546 and 255 had a 35 percent reduced risk of developing COPD compared to those eating less portions. The reduction in risk was 40 percent for current smokers and 34 percent in former smokers. The research showed a 4 percent reduced risk of contracting COPD in former smokers and an 8 percent lowered risk in current smokers. It’s therefore important that people eat more fruits and vegetables and quit smoking to enjoy overall lung health.

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Anonymous No. 1447 2017-02-23 : 15:18

Eating vegetables will make us stronger to fight off the hoards of lefties

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