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Ho!Ho! Guess Which Country is “The Most Festive” for Christmas?

Which nation is the most excited about Christmas? Surprisingly, it’s not the U.S. Research suggests that Britons, not Americans, are more keen on Christmas than any other nation.

The finding is derived from analysis of words entered into Google’s search engine. The study showed that Britain by far had the highest proportion of festive queries, ranging from topics such as tree decorations or mince pie recipes.

Following Britain is Ireland, and Slovakia on the third spot. Following the top three countries most festive about Christmas are Italy, the Czech Republic, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and France.

Google’s data had a chart compiled that showed people started searching in earnest for Christmas items as early as October. The study also showed Lincolnshire village of Keelby as the most fixated place. A resident even told BBC that they’re such “jolly people.”

The area in Britain least interested in Christmas, in contrast to Keelby, was Burnham, Buckinghamshire, which did Christmas searches 20 times less often.

Not all accepted the findings of the Christmas-related study, however. There are those who posted their reactions on an article by The Times, with one even saying: “Maybe there are more inquiries because Brits know less about it, which doesn’t equate to being more festive.”

Another was sarcastic: “Well, duh. The festive period allows people not to feel guilty about eating mountains of food, getting rat-bottomed drunk and falling out with the loved ones over the TV remote control. Of course we Brits like Christmas!”

One commenter said that it’s nice that Brits make more of Christmas since New Year certainly seems to be the bigger celebration in much of the world.

One mentioned an Asian country which was not included in the top list of the most festive based on the study. The commenter posted: “I think you’ll find Singapore is way ahead.”


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Anonymous No. 14443 2017-12-21 : 15:08

Britain? You must be kidding! What could be more festive than the US where and when it celebrates the " most wonderful time" of the year!

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