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Gay Black Pedophile Choir Teacher in NJ Molested Elementary Student Twice Weekly for Three Years

Another sickening story coming out of New Jersey where a vicious homosexual pedophile abused his position as a choir teacher and authority figure to sexually molest a male student he was supposed to be educating.

The teacher, 53-year-old Brian McSee, hailed from Port Republic, New Jersey and was the subject of a week-long investigation by the New Jersey State Police, which determined that the sexual assaults were taking place over a period of three years.

McSee was also determined to be a vicious pedophile who had harassed multiple children in the past before molesting this child; where he was the choir teacher of the victim for both his seventh and eighth grade years at Port Republic Elementary School, as well as the choir director at the minor child's Parish, St. Paul's United Methodist Church.

The minor child told authorities that Brian McSee had been sexually assaulted him twice each week for the past three years, but that he was afraid to come forward prior to a recent incident where McSee broke into the child's home when his parents were at work, at which point he felt his life was in danger from the vile pedophile and he developed the courage to come forward.

“Given the close proximity of the residences of the victim and the defendant and the fact that the defendant had entered the victim’s home uninvited on December 2nd, 2017, it is important to ensure the juvenile victim’s safety as well as the public and that the defendant be detained, pending further court proceedings,” said Chief Assistant Prosecutor John Flammer who represents the state in the matter.

Police charged McSee with aggravated sexual assault, official misconduct, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child; after be voluntarily turned himself in last week, says<a href=""> CBS Philly</a>.

He has since been transported for detention in Atlantic County Jail in Mays Landing, pending a mandatory court appearance next month, according to Sgt. Lawrence Peele.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Homosexual Pedophile Brian McSee Performs in 2014 at a Sunday Community Concert hosted by St. Paul's Methodist Church. Credit: St. Paul's Methodist | Facebook</span>

Repeated attempts by The Goldwater to contact the child's Church Pastor, the Reverend Frank Brown, on Wednesday Night have thus far been unsuccessful.

The Mayor of Port Republic, Gary Giberson, said that he personally knew McSee and that the situation “has beaten me apart.”

“He lived with our pastor and was very close to the whole church,” Giberson said. “We went to church Sunday, and this was discussed there.”

Giberson said that he feels like he’s been “pulled both ways” on the issue because McSee was “a prominent member of the community”, in which a public records search shows McSee moved to Atlantic County from Indiana in 2009.

Typical “dindu nuffin” response, even after this man molested a child. “He was a good boy” doesn't apply to a child molester, Mayor.

“I’m the mayor, and I’m personally responsible for safety,” he said. “I’m just shocked at the whole thing.”

There is a potential that there are other victims of the flaming homosexual pedophile, in both Indiana and New Jersey, and it's important to spread this to others for that very reason.

All of this comes after<a href=""> </a>exposed a flaw in the New Jersey education system’s hiring policies, that allow educators who have previously sexual assault allegations to continue to be hired by local school districts.

State Police ask anyone with information regarding inappropriate behavior or previous interactions with McSee that seemingly imply a potential crime, to call the Tuckerton Station Detective Bureau at 609-296-5807.

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Linda Cebrian No. 14559 2017-12-23 : 07:00

The article states the victim was in 7th and 8th grade when these assaults occurred. He would have been 12 and 13 years old. This is NOT pedophilia, thus Mr.Pill's reporting is inaccurate.

The correct term is hebephilia. Members of the press should use this term more often to expose the dirty little secret about homosexual development : They can't reproduce, so they have to recruit.

ESHarz No. 14923 2017-12-30 : 11:13

The above article uses the words "previously sexual assault allegations" as a reason to demystifying employment. This would not only nullify innocent until proven guilty, it also sets up unjustified character assassination and blackmail. If true McSea is a horrible person, and sure the full penalty of law, but do we want to also punish innocent people out of our fears.

ESHarz No. 14925 2017-12-30 : 11:16

Sorry, that should read: reason for denying employment.

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